Strive Media CEO Sebastian Duarte Griego Talks About His Inspiring Journey

Sebastian Duarte Griego

In today’s time, the young generation have many fields in which they can showcase their strength. Youth doesn’t wait for someone to hand them opportunities, they create one for themselves. One such person who made a name for himself is Sebastian Duarte Griego. He is the CEO of Strive Media which is immensely popular on social media.

Sebastian, who has worked hard to build a name for himself is also a successful YouTuber, a Tiktok hero and an influencer. On YouTube, the Entrepreneur has more than 175k subscribers and on TikTok, his account @Slay has more than 4.1 million followers. About his journey, he shares, “I started with nothing. But I’ve been building my way up since 2017. I had no money, or no good social contact. I worked hard to build a name for myself and currently, my company runs over 115 million followers with clients from all across the world.”

Talking about his company Strive Media, it’s flourishing quite well in the past few months. It is a popular media agency in India which provides clients with content scraping to executive assistants, social media growth to E-commerce stores management & development. Sebastian’s company is also known for assisting clients with services that help them with private virtual assistance to carry out online assignments and desls online. He says, “We pretty much help businesses become automated, currently running a 115M follower network.”

After working hard to create a niche for himself in the social media marketing world, Sebastian Duarte Griego shares his idea of success. “For me success means being able to enjoy life, to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want to, and feel satisfied with what you have.”

Sebastian is an inspiration to many young minds who want to rule internet either as a digital marketer, influencer or a YouTuber.