Everyone dares to dream big. People desire leaving a mark in their lives, especially in their careers. While some people are born with the will to write, others dream of pursuing music, becoming a top-class sports player, or becoming a world-renowned surgeon.

Whatever a person might dream of becoming, nothing really makes a difference without passion, determination, and hard work. Everyone dares to dream big, but not everyone dares to brave the challenges that come in between acquiring that particular goal. Fulfilling a dream requires more than just planning; its execution calls for courage and perseverance. Only a few people who are headstrong and bold enough to work relentlessly make it to the end.

Carlos Ariel Then has been audacious and ardent in his journey to pave his way in not just one but multiple ventures. Today, he is an entrepreneur running several businesses and successfully acing each. He is a respected author, actor, entrepreneur and a refined financial coach.

The millennial was born on March 10th, 1991, in New York. Raised in Rhode Island, Carlos Then completed his graduation in Applied Economics and International Relations from the University of Rhode Island in 2014. From the beginning, he was a number-cruncher specializing in the finance industry. Carlos started from a junior-level position and quickly moved up the ladder by leveraging his skills and understanding of the industry. He worked with several large-scale companies, which helped broaden his horizons even further.

After spending considerable time in finance, Carlos decided to create a forum for people who needed a push in the right direction for securing their businesses. In 2020, he created Mr. Then, a platform dedicated especially to millennials who want to build their financial aptitude or grow their business.

Being a millennial himself, Carlos believes he understands the challenges this generation faces more than anyone else. He aims to coach and empower millennials and business owners by offering them plausible advice nudging them in the required direction, and to lead them to greater heights of financial security by leveraging the right resources, better money habits, and a positive mindset. Carlos Then’s expert advice has proven fruitful for many business owners in establishing and flourishing their firms.

Carlos Then’s experience is not just limited to one field; he has touched base with several other professions as well. One other venture, where he has channeled his energy, is Knight Life Security. Carlos, together with his friend, Alexander Peralta, founded the platform with the aim to provide mental and physical security, especially during the nighttime. The platform, with its slogan being, Do it Right, Hire a Knight, believes that no one should be scared to have fun at night and come home with the fear that they might lose their life. The main purpose of this venture is to revolutionize the security Industry and its stigmas associated with “Night Life.”

Carlos Then is also the sole author of two books, Learn: Drop the “L” & Earn, and I give you credit: A do it yourself Guide, both of which entail expert advice on finances and tips for entrepreneurs. Today, Carlos Then is a reputed and result-driven individual whose experience and motivation to keep moving forward are exemplary. His passion and determination to help individuals achieve their goals is commendable and, truthfully, a lesson for anyone who needs a reason to keep moving forward in life.

Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates is a trend researcher by passion, a digital marketing expert, and a professional business and tech blogger. As a tech knowledge, Nancy Yates eagerly looks for the ins and outs of modern tech growths.