Stress, anxiety, and depression have gained such proportions of concern lately that they are almost likened as synonyms. Triggered mostly due to existence under pressure, there are several examples of people barely noticing that they are suffering from one of the symptoms. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) report on Mental Disorder, 450 million people worldwide suffer from one of the other symptoms of it.

The reason for triggering depression, however, need not be only stress, it has many possible causes. It could be genetic or on account of a certain life situation triggered by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Chronic stressful situations can increase the risk of depression further if they are not being coped well. Modern-day assessment of depression found the problem burgeoning even among those doing physical toil. It’s a very few of those that understand there are different mental disorders with presentations that are visible in several factors. A combination of abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotional behaviour affect relationships with each other. Of a list of mental disorders, some of the prominent ones include depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. And others that show severe symptoms later if depressive patients are left without treatment for long are dementia, intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders including autism. Think positively. At times even as small a thing like thinking positively in stressful situations can bail an individual out of it to feel better. 

Some of the ways to bail out an individual from common symptoms of depression, those that also boost energy and bail an individual to feel better if stressed are:


Being anxious at all times so much that it starts affecting health is unhealthy. It only triggers more complications. If depression leads you to follow a sedentary life-style, damages are bigger. Weight gain due to slow metabolism, breathing trouble and heart issues are some health complications. Sedentary life triggers stress eating habits that are even worse. Exercise and walk make an essential part of curbing depression as they release happy hormones and help you out of stress mess. Read helpful articles or avail assignment help solutions online on professional academic service providers.


Walk, exercise and physical movement like following a game routine of any sort trigger production of hormones that are endorphins – the brain chemical. They work as neurotransmitters within the nervous system. These endorphins interact with brain receptors and reduce pain perception like drugs morphine and codeine do that help the individual reach an artificial ‘high.’ Therefore exercising of any sort helps. And that does not mean attending gym only. It can be any simple activity as a relaxed forty-five-minute walk or yoga to boost endorphin production within the body. They are natural pain killers that need not be induced from outside.


Hyperventilating is the first symptom of stress. Increased short breath or shallow breathing is the first symptom of stress. Nausea and dizziness are the most common symptoms of stress. Stress reduces oxygen intake and increases carbon dioxide in the blood leading to panic and anxiety attacks that might in some cases make an individual pass out. A balanced breath means to relieve stress. Breathing permits more oxygen into the bloodstream that relieves individuals from stress. The body pumps up the levels of five flight fighters – cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and androgens and each play an important role in controlling stress.


Support is essential to overcome depression, however difficult it may seem, reaching out for help and staying connected with kith and kin helps. Isolation in depression can be fatal, however, isolating oneself to sort your problems is not to be confused with symptoms of depression. When friends chip in for help where the family fails, it provides relief to the individual from stress. Anyone being an attentive listener with empathy for the patient counts in coming out of depressive symptoms. Assignment help experts often work together with professional consultants and provide online sessions to students for overcoming stress at the end of their semesters. 


Intermingling personally is the key for relieving depression and stress other than networking on social sites and apps. Using good old fashioned ‘quality time’ in-person helps in coming out of depressive bouts. To try keeping up with social activities even if down. Retreating to your shell is the easiest thing to do when stressed, it feels comfortable, not interacting. But being around other people makes you less depressed and even then if you’re unable to pull out, you sure need nursing assignment help expert’s assistance.


Whatever that needs to be practised needs to be practised in moderation, burning out with the help undertaken is also wrong. To lessen stress levels in the body, one has to listen to the body’s clock by monitoring the rhythm. It is always initiating the step, which is the hardest. And from thereon, it could be as simple a thing as picking up the phone and talking to a friend or listening to your favourite radio channel that is likely to lift the mood and have you feeling the three important ‘H’s’ that bail anyone out of depression, even if for a short duration, they are, remain happier, healthier, and more hopeful again.

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