Strep throat – When should I seek medical attention?

A sore throat can cause you discomfort and prevent you from speaking and breathing normally. Fortunately, the body’s immunity system is capable of curing sore throats automatically after a couple of days by eliminating the viruses.

On the other hand, unlike sore throats, strep throat is a medical condition caused by bacteria. This is where the immunity system cannot work. You will require medical attention and antibiotics to address strep throat. If you notice these signs of strep throat view park, you should seek medical attention.

  • Sore Throat Without Cough or Runny Nose: Viral infections usually cause sore throats in the first place. Viruses attack multiple parts of the respiratory system, causing symptoms of cold and flu. A sore throat with symptoms of cough, hoarseness, pink eye, or runny nose is a clear indication of viral infections. Medical professionals might prescribe some medicines to cure these symptoms. On the other hand, a sore throat without the above-mentioned symptoms might be a sign of strep throat caused by the group A streptococci bacteria.
  • Swollen Neck: The lymph nodes in the body filter the lymphatic systems that are involved in creating immunity responses to viral infections. This is because the lymph nodes can get swollen and become tender while suffering from an infection. While the human body contains lymph nodes in different areas, they usually get swollen when they are prone to infections nearby. Swollen lymph nodes in your neck often determine that you’re suffering from strep throat. If you notice swollen lymph nodes in the neck, consider seeking medical attention ASAP!
  • High Fever: Low fevers are always associated with the symptoms of sore throats and high fevers are associated with the symptoms of strep throat. Improper treatment can make these high fevers become rheumatic fever which can cause severe damage to your body. In addition, bright red throat and pink rash are other strep throat complications that will need proper medical assistance. This complication is known as scarlet fever. While scarlet fever can be treated effectively with medicines, it’s best to visit a doctor for a thorough consultation.
  • Red and Swollen Tonsils: Strep bacteria often affects the tonsils and throat, developing patches and streaks. While tonsil swelling can be caused by viral infections, strep throat can cause red and swollen tonsils along with streaks and patches.

It’s super easy to confuse the symptoms of strep throat with the symptoms of sore throat. While they require different treatments, the conditions are not extremely different from one another. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, we suggest you need to seek medical attention.