Streetwear — Redefining the Fashion Industry

What is Streetwear?

Defined as fashionable clothing worn by followers of popular culture, streetwear is one of the most prominent buzzwords in the fashion industry—and for a good reason. Generally adorned by young members of urban subculture groups, streetwear is the omnipresent shift toward more casual clothing. 

Inspired by skate culture and hip-hop music, this fashion phenomenon consists of streetwear hoodies, t-shirts, baseball caps, sneakers, and sweatpants. Typically, followers of the style as mentioned above remain under the age of 30 and reside in relatively urban areas around the world, inherently spanning across every socioeconomic status. Serving as both a striking reflection of pop culture and even a status symbol, streetwear brands can be divided into the following categories: original, sportswear, adopted, and luxury

Essentially, by redefining the traditional fashion structure and nonchalantly defying cultural norms, streetwear has maneuvered its way into the hearts of millions and metamorphosed style in admirable ways.

How Did Streetwear Originate?

Initially originating in the 1980s and 90s, the modern streetwear style we’ve all grown accustomed to inherently has its roots in California’s skate and surf culture. To elaborate, implementing the do-it-yourself aesthetic on surfboards and t-shirts launched an entire movement, subsequently contributing to its popularity. Though it is difficult to precisely identify the inaugurators of streetwear, one of the salient pioneers is Shawn Stussy—founder of sub-culturally diverse Southern California brand Stussy. 

By selling printed t-shirts and custom surfboards with an unmistakable trademark signature, Stussy provided the utmost exclusivity in his products and garnered a cult following of sorts, the echoes of which can be found in the worldwide recognition and prevalence of the brand today. Additionally, streetwear can also be traced back to New York hip hop fashion and basketball subcultures. Thanks to the adoption of sneakers and the easygoing athletic style by athletes like Michael Jordan and rappers like Biggie and Jay-Z, this fashion phenomenon was then further popularized. Punk rock, too, greatly influenced the inception and prominence of streetwear as artists began to produce merchandise to accompany the music of the anti-culture movement. 

An amalgamation of the constituents mentioned above paved the way for the emergence of streetwear style—and since then, there has been no looking back.

Why is Streetwear Significant?

Essentially, streetwear is a significant aspect of the fashion scene for many reasons. Considering the fact that the complex industry amasses billions of dollars on an annual basis, it is then discernible that there is undoubtedly some explanation for such astonishing degrees of success—and indeed, there is. By bidding farewell to long-established paradigms and making substantial advancements in the realms of fashion, streetwear has wholeheartedly revolutionized style and solidified its reputation as not just a mere trend but an entire lifestyle.

Previously, designers and magazine editors were the sole entities in charge of determining runway trends and the must-have staples of upcoming seasons. As of late, however, this responsibility has intrinsically been transferred and placed directly in the consumer’s hands. This very democratization of fashion allows the people themselves to cumulatively decide which pieces should be deemed fashionable and contribute to upsurges in trends. 

At its very core, streetwear possesses the zeal to set avant-garde trends. It popularizes everyday garments that effortlessly ooze flair, never compromising on comfort all the while—elements that serve as a testament to the movement’s significance and widespread reach. Moreover, streetwear emphasizes inclusivity and diversity, encompasses self-expression, and encourages cultural representation. By allowing millions of the world’s inhabitants to wear gender-neutral clothes of all sizes, this urban lifestyle has successfully cemented its position in the fashion world and enabled novel style-oriented notions. 

What Are the Current Streetwear Trends?

As we say farewell to 2021 and enter 2022, we must discuss and examine the current profusion of trends to remain perpetually chic for every occasion. The realm of fashion is constantly changing and consists of trends that come and go with the shift of the seasons. Though the likes of streetwear hoodies, sneakers, and t-shirts remain permanent, timeless constituents of the industry and extend beyond the horizons of fluctuations in popularity, other garments have grown to be more prominent in recent times. 

For example, one highly sought-after trend as of late is the preppy aesthetic—an overarching theme that powerfully highlights the prevalence of sweater vests. Yet another contemporary trend that has gained traction lately is the insertion of camouflage prints on cargo trousers, both of which coalesce and contribute to the overall outdoor, adventure-oriented aesthetic. Moreover, fashion manufacturers have embraced baggy silhouettes and sustainable, eco-friendly fashion with the utmost ardor. Other elements to consider in your fashion arsenal are varsity jackets, tracksuits, graphic knitwear, trail-running gear, and 70s-inspired pieces.

To adhere to these current trends and efficaciously deliver the most stylish products to consumers worldwide, a plethora of streetwear brands work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction regularly. By using the marketing tools of social media and product scarcity to create substantial hype, these brands can successfully release limited edition collections known as drops. 

Some of the most trending streetwear labels are as follows.

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Supreme 
  • Off-White
  • Noah
  • CDG Play
  • Palace
  • Patta 
  • Undercover
  • KITH
  • BAPE
  • Carhartt

Now that you’ve received the 411 on the boundless, limitless fashion scene that has taken the world by storm, you are ready to embark on copious stylish journeys. We recommend thoroughly researching these fashion-forward brands and carefully selected pieces that reflect both your preferences and your ideals. Invest in the evergreen allure of streetwear to guarantee the turning of heads everywhere you go!