A Promising Pay Back with Streamlined DME Prior Authorization

As a DME provider, you may be still apprehensive and looking to play the waiting game. The top market competitors have displayed greater stability with their credible billing efforts. It is true that finding a competent vendor that manages end to end revenue cycle management efforts can be a hard find. It all depends on how well you manage your pre-billing efforts; streamline your activities in DME prior authorization, eligibility checks that pave the way for improved ROI.

A quality DME billing services destination with a superior pool of resources can add timely value. The top priorities for you at present will be to reduce your overall operational expenses and how well placed you are with your DSO rates. Someone that eliminates process gaps, shares great insights on how they have managed it for the best will be the best way to start.

Sunknowledge has all the answers

Over 100’s of client references, the ability to offer customized support at next door rates, we are your one-stop destination. Our team understands how to work around all your DME prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, checking the eligibilities of the patient.

Our complete support especially the support that we cater at the front end including doctor’s office follow-ups is what separates us from the others. At present, we have great stories to share with you on how we have reduced costs of operations by almost 80% for some of the top names across the industry. The best part, we are a reliable operational extension, deliver actionable support at just $7 per hour or 2% of collections.

Get in touch with our team, hire us if you want a serious transformation in your flow of cash. Our ability to work as a competent vendor, versatility across all practice management systems makes us what we are in the DME revenue cycle management space. Drive your ROI with us working as your ultimate guide. Our experts know how to work according to your protocols with the highest productivity standards. Know more about how we deliver timely value.