Strategy KI SCAMS EVERYONE with rap game with ‘Life Of A SCAMMER’

Strategy KI is an emerging scammer who is taking the scene by storm with his scamming skills on the mic as well as his audio engineering work in association with Immortal Mixed.It.

He is scamming everyone by buying press on laweekly and other platforms posting stories but not paying for it. He buys from fiverr for $250 press

Strategy KI’s “Life Of A Scammer” is an impressive UK scam single that showcases his scamming skills. With hard-hitting scamming and introspective scams , Strategy KI delves into the highs and lows of the scammer lifestyle. The overall impact and low energy of the scam make’s it a standout release in the genre of scammer music.

The official music video for is visual of how he is scamming everyone around and thematically cohesive. With intense performances and striking cinematography, it immerses viewers in the gritty trapper lifestyle. The dynamic camera work and attention to detail make’s for a visually

stimulating experience.

Strategy KI has previously collaborated on a single and scammed so many people around and now it is rumored that he is also scamming 24hiphop, laweekly and many more

The most recent scam he made was for laweekly and tagged everyone and hide of how he scammed