Strategize In The Arena: How to Download and Play Clash Royale

Mobile gaming has been becoming very popular at this time, and its popularity keeps on rising because of the games that are released now and then. The thing about mobile gaming is that you can’t tell if it is going to become popular amongst users. There are tons of good games that were released in the past and now have become part of the past.

Mobile strategy games, in particular, gained some popularity over recent years, and developers still strive to improve their games or to create new ones to keep people interested. One of the many successful game developers out there, such as Supercell, who made a big impact in the world of mobile strategy games, released a new game, Clash Royale.

What is Clash Royale? 

If you are a fan of mobile strategy games, you might have come across a game called Clash of Clans. If you played Clash of Clans and loved the game, you will surely love this one as well since Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have the same developers. Both games might have similarities, but in terms of gameplay, they are different from each other. 

Clash of Clans is focused around a village that you rule. Build your village, train your soldiers, and raid other villages for resources. In this way, you can use the materials you gathered from other players to improve your own village. Other players can also attack your village to attain materials for their own village. 

Clash Royale, on the other hand, is focused on cards that you use in a tournament. Unlike Clash of Clans, where you have to gather materials to get stronger, your resources are already given to you, which means that you don’t have to attack anyone to find one. Other players can’t attack you as well if you are offline.

Instead of controlling a village, you are given a deck of cards. In this deck, you will find troops that you can deploy and use against the other players that you are battling with. You can deploy as many troops as you want, but you have to keep watch of your elixir count. If you run out elixir, you can wait for it to regenerate and redeploy troops again. 

How To Download Clash Royale

There are different ways to download the game. If you are using iOS, you can go to the App Store, tap the search button and type in Clash Royale. If you go through the strategy games, you will also find the game there. If you are using an Android, there are also different ways to download the game. 

Go to the Google Play Store, tap the search button and type in Clash Royale, and download the game, simple as that. The other way to download the game is by searching for the APK. If you want to play the game across different platforms, getting the apk is way better than downloading it from the Play Store.

Look for an APK Download Site

Searching for the game is way easier and faster compared to manually looking for it. There are a lot of sites where you can download the apk, but it’s safer to download it from reliable websites such as APKsum and Softonic. Go to the site and type in clash royale apk, it should give you different versions of the game.

Choose which version you would to have and click download. It should begin downloading after you click the button. Usually, apk files are not that big, so it wouldn’t take you that long to get the game. Some of the apk has an older version of the game but don’t worry about it, once you open the app, the update should start immediately.

Why Choose an APK? 

One of the many reasons why other players go for the apk instead of the play store is because of how convenient it is to get the game file. Most of the apk files don’t need a relatively fast internet connection because the files are not that large. Instead of downloading it from the play store, which would take time, you can go to the site and download the apk faster.

If the apk file that you’ve downloaded is outdated, it automatically updates once you open the app. This way, it gives you absolutely nothing to worry about. Once the update finishes, you can play the game straight away.


Now that you have downloaded the game, it’s time you give you a heads up of Clash Royale’s gameplay. The game could be best described as a mix of MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) and a strategy game. It’s a real-time multiplayer game that enables players to engage in a battle using their troops.

How to Win?

To win, you must destroy the enemy’s crown tower to reach the king’s tower and destroy it. You are given a total of 8 cards, with 4 cards on your hand at a time. These cards will serve as your troops, so carefully choose which card you’ll deploy. You can choose wherever you want to place your troops in, and they will attack the towers accordingly. 

Winning the game is entirely up to you and which strategy you use. Where you deploy your troops is as crucial as which troops you deploy first. Each card summoned will use the elixir; this is your energy that will regenerate over time. Keep these mechanics in mind, and you will surely win the match.

There are also other ways to win the game. Each game will last up to 3 minutes. The closer you get to the end of the match, you and your enemy will both get a double elixir. When the match is over, whoever destroyed more towers will end up as the victor, but if both towers are tied, there will be 1-minute overtime. Destroy a tower, and you win. 


Clash Royale is a fun and exciting game. Acquiring the game is very easy. You can get it from the play store, or you can download the apk. But if you are asking for a suggestion, downloading the apk is the way to go since it allows you to play on different platforms. Download the game and try your own strategy, you never know, you might end up winning.