Strategies to Deal with Workspace Changes in the Post-Covid World

The post-pandemic world is vastly different from the world that we were used to before covid-19. It made us realize that everything from our lives to how we work could change in the blink of an eye. Today, when most of the world is either working from home or in a hybrid setting, where workspaces too, are going through a radical change to cope with this changed scenario. 

Leading this change from the front are visionaries like Mr Neetish Sarda, the CEO of Smartworks, a leading provider of managed office spaces.

Smartworks is providing businesses with new-age real-estate options that are in sync with the changed market realities and are unlike standard office space rentals that exist. Mr Neetish Sarda and his company realized the importance of new-age strategies to deal with workspace changes in a post-covid world and quickly adapted to this change.

Let’s look at what companies expect in terms of real estate and how Smartworks is trying to deliver on those requirements.

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Customized Real-Estate

As a higher number of companies and employees slowly return to work, they will need workspaces customized as per their requirements as traditional rental solutions won’t be able to accommodate the changed market realities. Smartworks understands this requirement and offers customized managed office spaces designed to service every client’s unique requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Businesses are still coping with the economic upheaval that covid played; therefore, they need cost-effective solutions that would help them reduce overhead costs in terms of renting or purchasing their furniture, lighting, pieces of equipment, and essentials required to run the daily operations of a business. By offering ready to move managed office spaces, Smartworks offers businesses a highly cost-effective solution with their plug-and-play approach.

Short Term Rentals

Traditional rental agreements require businesses to sign extensive contracts and make exorbitant payments as deposits and other related costs. This is no longer in sync with what businesses expect, and this is especially true in the case of startups, where traditional rental solutions don’t make sense when we are still not completely out of the pandemic. Startups would rather like to avoid making such investments during these times of uncertainty. They need short-term rental solutions where extensive contracts and huge payment cycles do not bind them; therefore, opting for managed office spaces makes more sense both strategically and financially.

Employee Engagement and interaction

The post-covid workspace needs to be designed to promote employee engagement and interaction, as this will play a major part in resuming normalcy. We have all spent a major part of the last two years working in silos; therefore, it’s very important to get people to interact with each other and rebuild the human connection. Smartworks managed office spaces are designed to promote engagement and interaction among employees by offering them dedicated recreational areas to rejuvenate the mind and a space to share experiences they would like to share with their colleagues. Most of all, their managed office spaces are designed to promote a sense of community which is a major need of the hour.

Mr Neetish Sarda’s Smartworks has completely revamped the idea of a workspace in this post-covid world by allowing companies and employees to rebuild and recreate a sense of belonging to a community.


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