Strategic Initiatives in IT Service Planning by IFGICT’s CTO

In today’s connected world “IT is the Business and the Business is IT” this is an established fact. Failing to strategically plan for the growth and development of IT simply means failure to plan for the business growth as well. Based on a research that I have conducted back in 2014 here are 3 main initiatives that are foreseen to have the highest impact on the development of IT strategies in any organization that leverages the use of IT to drive business growth. 


  1. People & Businesses

1.1 Improving Access to Services

“People go online as the most common way of getting services because the organization has ensured this channel best meets user needs”

1.2 Improving Access to Data

“People and businesses can get public data online for personal use, participation in policy and service development, or to enable organization’s economic development.

1.3 Improving the Approach to providing end user services

“Employees are more productive with access to information and systems from desktops, mobile devices and from home at a lower cost”


  1. Business & Enterprise Applications

2.1  Aligning Department  Business Applications

“Department line-of-business applications incorporate greater use of common technology components and data sources, and provide better support to the company”

2.2 Standardizing Enterprise Applications

“It is critical that departments have standardized business processes, information, and technology for common functions”


  1. Data, networks and infrastructure

3.1 Defining and Reusing Authoritative Data

“Where departmental business applications need the same data, authoritative sources are identified, managed and made available, for accuracy and at lower cost (where law permits).”

3.2 Integrating workflow across the company

“Departments collaborate to create better, less expensive, end-to-end services by using common tools, components, and technology. Initiatives on this aspect include”

3.3 Unifying communications and networking

“All internal company communications and access to services are across a low cost, secure network domain”

3.4 Securing company information

“There is improved security for company               information, at lower cost despite increasing threats”

3.5 Aligning the purchase, use and management of commodity software

“Management and acquisition of software is coordinated so that departments and directorates can access more options at lower cost”

3.6 Building the operational foundations

“Secure and reliable information processing, storage, and software are all available to all departments “on demand“.

Adopting these strategies and translating them in to tactical plans for deployment will enable businesses get ahead of the competition and be able to secure and grow their market share.


Hussam Elgammal | ICT Consultant



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