Strains 101: Full Guide to Cannabis Strains

When you go to buy some clothes from a fashion store, you don’t just ask for clothes and buy any they show you. You have personal preferences and choices for what color, style, or size you want a particular outfit in. Similarly, you can’t simply go to a dispensary without any knowledge of cannabis strains or weed strains.

Cannabis digital marketing helps various cannabis growers and brand owners to promote different products made out of diverse strains. All these flower buds may resemble each other, but their effects vary with varying strains. So then, what are we waiting for? Let’s study these weed strains.

Cannabis Strain

A strain refers to the genetic variation of the CBD plants that is responsible for giving fragrance, color, and other appearance effects to their buds. For instance, the strains of tomato plants can produce yellow, red, orange, and even purple tomatoes. In context to size, some tomatoes grow to be very tiny, also called “cherry tomatoes,” while others are giant or resemble pear-shaped. 

Tomato plants, undoubtedly, are tomato plants, but their key characteristics and the fruits they bear vary from one to another. The cause of these differences is their genetic variations, also called the plant’s strain. Resembling others, cannabis plants come in diverse strains, and everyone out of them has unique bud production, appearance, and other characteristics. 

Cannabis plants are cross-pollinated, evolved genetically, and accurately bred by botanists for various reasons related to research and experiments. As a result, every outcome developed at the end of a cross gets a unique name; for instance, God’s Gift, Sour Diesel, or Blueberry Kush differ based on their unique genetic traits and cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Diverse Weed Strains/Cannabis Strains

Cannabis can be discovered in three diverse strains, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. All these strains have different genetic backdrops. It’s rare to see a fully Sativa or Indica strain; instead, a dominant Indica or Sativa strain can be found, showing characteristics matching either of the two strains. So. A hybrid strain is clearly more prevalent and contains both strains’ characters in balanced amounts. Most of these Hybrids are made after the cross of Sativa-dominant with the Indica-dominant strains.

In older times, people thought Indica and Sativa were merely special effects of cannabis strains. It may be true, as all strains have certain primary effects associated with them. However, scientifically, Indica and Sativa are used to refer physical attributes of cannabis plants. 

There’s nothing proven like this yet as someone consuming Sativa strain may sleep all day while another person can feel immense energy in his body. It also depends on how every individual processes cannabis in the plants. Then another aspect that matters here is the genetics of weed strains. For example, the Strawberry Cough of one cannabis grower can show slightly varying genetics or weed strains than another growing and selling plants by the same name. To maintain continuity in the cannabis industry, efforts need to be made, and hence little variations are natural and normal to observe.

Let’s have a glance at a few Sativa-dominant weed strains, Indica-dominant and Hybrid weed strains-

Sativa-Dominant Cannabis Strains

  • MTF
  • Sour diesel
  • Lemon OG Haze 
  • Lemon Brulee
  • Agent Orange
  • Purple Haze

After Effects- Uplifting, Energizing, Creative

Indica-Dominant Cannabis Strains

  • High Chew
  • Scout Breath
  • Snowball #1
  • Blue Dream
  • Salmon River OG
  • Girl Scoutt Cookies

Effects- Relaxing, Calming, Soothing

Hybrid Weed Strains

  • Apex
  • Grape Diamonds
  • NF1
  • Red Dragon
  • Original Glue
  • Grease Monkey
  • Wedding Cake

Physical After Effects- Relaxed but Alert, Calm but Focused, Balanced

Choosing The Right Strains

So, now you know what cannabis strains are and their various types, you must know how to choose the right strain for you as you are already aware of the effects they cause. Picking the best strain for you depends on the consumers’ personal preferences. Still, there are a few tips to consider when shopping for cannabis-

  • Every cannabis strain possesses different flavors and aromas due to the presence of terpenes.
  • The after-effects of these strains vary as some make you feel calm and relaxed, whereas others offer excitement and hyperactivity.
  • Same strains with the same names often deliver different after-effects because of different growers involved, as cannabis is a large-scale industry. For instance, Strawberry Cough, etc.
  • It’s essential to look at cannabinoid content present within any strain.

Best Weed Strains

This is again a matter of opinion that varies from person to person, as some want a drowsy feeling. In contrast, others prefer to be able to focus attentively after its consumption. And each strain yields unique physical effects. So, rather than stressing about various weed strains, figure out your personal choices and what you aim for after the cannabis consumption. This way, you’ll be able to determine the one you should invest in easily.

Let’s comprehend this with an example, many people smoke only for the sake of recreation, while some do it to forget about something painful, etc. So why not learn about various cannabis strains along with their significant after-effects. So, consider your personal journey and choices to choose the best weed strains for yourself.

  • Weed Strains for Relaxed Sleep– Apex, 9 Pound Hammer, Mandarin Zkittlez, Sugar Plum Sunset
  • Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief- Jack Herer, Agent Orange, Lilac Diesel, Harlequin
  • CBD Strains for Energy- Red Dragon, Green Crack, Mandarin Cookies, and Northern Lights

Strongest Weed Strains

Cannabis strains are considered strong by most consumers because they serve pretty noticeable after-effects. The strength of strain depends upon its THC amount. The greater the quantity of THC, the stronger the weed strain is. So, it can be said that high THC strains are the strongest ones. Indica-dominant and Hybrid plants have higher CBD quantities. Here are some of the strongest weed strains with the highest THC content in them. –

  • Bubba Kush
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Scout Breath
  • Fire OG
  • Staradawg
  • Lemon Banana Sherbet

The Bottomline

CBD strain is a cannabis strain with a higher amount of CBD or cannabidiol than THC. Some experts have claimed that there are more than 700 weed strains, and the number is an ever-growing one. Botanists keep experimenting and playing with genetics to concoct beneficial plants, which can also add more to an already existing number of these cannabis strains. In addition, many products like CBD oils, edible items, tinctures, and tropicals are manufactured from extracted CBD from their plants.

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