Straato Marketplace Launches to Redefine Digital Asset Trading

The Straato Marketplace is a brand-new centralized and cyclical strategic trading platform that allows users to trade unique digital assets called Straato that only go up in value. The marketplace seeks to challenge current understandings of financial value and digital asset exchange. The platform’s creation was sparked by a single question, “Why can’t an asset that only goes up in value exist?” Today, the Straato Marketplace brings that impossible asset to fruition, based on the idea that financial value is derived solely from demand

Straato believes that its marketplace platform has the potential to unleash greater economic creativity and flexibility by bringing the idea that financial value is solely derived from demand into the mainstream. The company aims to build a world where everyone can take charge of their financial futures by playing an active role in shaping them. This mission is executed through the Straato Marketplace’s cyclical, zero-barrier trading system. The marketplace was built to allow traders of all kinds to have a fun and engaging experience on the platform, regardless of whether or not they have any prior trading knowledge.

The Straato Marketplace operates with two main components: the offer queue and the reset. The offer queue governs asset exchange between users. Users submit their Straato assets for sale via the offer queue, which stipulates that new offers always increase in price during a given period of trading. Users can then purchase Straato that has been placed on the queue.

However, even an asset that exclusively goes up through trading can’t climb in value forever. Therefore, the Marketplace may undergo a reset when the supply or demand for assets falls below a specific threshold. The reset ensures that Straato trading can continue indefinitely, offering a seamless, cyclical trading experience for users. Once a reset is triggered, trading pauses for a brief period of time during which the price of Straato is reset. When the new cycle begins, trading restarts. But don’t worry: if you held Straato through the reset, you will have a chance to recoup losses in the new trading cycle.

The Straato Marketplace is a high-risk, high-return platform that encourages engagement and actively discourages long-term holdouts and inaction. The Straato Marketplace is intuitive, user-friendly, and offers users a host of intellectual challenges and interesting trading puzzles, such as the prisoners’ dilemma. Straato hopes to grow an active trading and social community on the platform to help make the Straato vision a reality.

To learn more about Straato Marketplace, visit the official website or dive deep into the online User Guide.