StoxDC Review – The 3 Things This Broker Does Better than Most

There is no dearth of online trading platforms once you start searching for them. Each platform has a different color, a beautiful trading application, and some great bonuses to get your attention. However, getting attention should not be the only focus of an online platform. It should offer value to traders and I think I have found one platform that does that really well. While there are many things to know about this company, I will stick to the 3 best things in this StoxDC review.

I want to talk about the three aspects that I think this team really understood well and came up with something no other competitors could match. Let’s get into the review to know about them.

Multi-faceted and Modern Platform

Let me tell you what most other companies flaunt about their trading platforms. They tell you that you can use modern tools and indicators on their platforms, but I can tell you that those are pretty standard features. When you sign up with this company, you will experience something completely different. This platform is web-based as well as for mobile devices. What it means is that you can download and install it on your mobile devices and trade at lightning fast speeds because of how fast mobile applications are on smartphones.

This trading platform can be downloaded on the device of your choice. Are you using an Android phone that just came out in 2022? Do you love using your iPhone as your daily driver? Whatever the case may be, you will be able to download, install, and use this platform on all of those devices as well as operating systems.

Hundreds of Markets to Explore

When I say markets, I mean the assets that you can trade once you are signed up on this platform with a paid trading account. There is nothing that you will not get when you are with StoxDC. The company has an impressive asset index that consists of many different types of CFDs. To be exact, you will have 6 different asset categories that you can access with StoxDC. You can trade forex currency pairs, which include minor, major, and even the exotic currencies. Furthermore, you can trade commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. If you prefer energies and precious metals over any other asset, you can trade these assets in the form of CFDs on this platform too.

What you are going to really admire about this platform is that you will not have to cover huge and loose spreads on these assets. It does not matter which market you trade to choose in, your leverages will be huge and the spreads will be extremely tight. To give you an idea, if you go with the Standard Traders Account from the broker, you will have the spreads starting from 1.2. Go with the Professional Traders Account and your spreads can be even tighter, starting at just 1.1.

Compliance and Security

If you want one piece of advice from me, I would say you should never sign up with a broker or platform that does not have proper security measures in place. The presence of SSL and encryption standards shows that this platform is serious with its traders’ security. Don’t forget, you will have to go through the 2FA authentication process every time you sign into your trading account. The platform strictly adheres to and complies with KYC and AML policies. You must provide your personal and proper banking details before you sign up. This ensures your safety and makes the trading platform transparent and secure for everyone.

Final Thoughts

I have only described three features from this broker that I think no other competitor has been able to compete with to this day. While the features are not rare, they are definitely available to you in an improved form when you sign up with an online trading services provider like StoxDC. Explore the website to know more and then see if you want to sign up.