Storytelling – Will It Take Your Web Design to the Next Level in 2020?

Storytelling is a result-driven approach that can capture the interest and love of your target audience. If done right, it will serve as an effective marketing tactic that your brands can use to achieve your conversion and sales targets. Whether you are running a small business or large enterprise, you can make the most of storytelling and convey your brand message to a wider audience. It is an important strategy your business can use to emotionally connect with your target customers and create a positive brand image.

Through storytelling, you can explain the sole reason behind your brand existence, your mission and encourage people to buy products and services from your brand. In 2019, a large number of brands harnessed the power of storytelling to show their audience what makes their brand set apart from others. In 2020, businesses can use this trend to establish a strong emotional connection with their customers and to get more conversions and sales.

Storytelling is a crucial component of your emotional branding strategy that has the real potential to convince people to make a buying decision, drive revenue and boost customer retention. Adding storytelling to your website design strategy is a sensible approach to strengthen your brand image.

Here are some smart ways to incorporate storytelling to your website design and set your brand up for success.    

Revise Your Design Strategy

Your website design can better communicate the reason why your brand exists and how your products or services can solve the pain points of your customers. A well-designed website can effectively communicate who you are, what you offer, and how your products or services can add the real difference to your customers’ lives. With using high-quality images, colors, fonts, and tone, you can tell your brand story to deliver an impact about your company to your audience. It is advised to revise your web design strategy and create a website in a way that tells your brand story and drives visitor engagement and interaction.

Use Engaging Elements to Boost User Engagement

If you want to attract a wider audience in 2020 through your website and drive maximum user engagement, consider using interactive features on your website. Using engaging web design features can help you retain user interest. 

For instance, a hover effect, parallax scrolling, and different interactive features can be used to make your website intuitive while engaging your website visitors. Using interactive web design features are indeed a smart strategy to give your boring design to life and persuade readers to pay attention to the story you are trying to tell.

 Use Visual Content Creatively

Harnessing the power of visual content is undoubtedly a worthwhile brand storytelling strategy to add an interactive touch to your website design. Try to make your content visually appealing by adding more motion graphics, infographics, live-action shots, eBooks, presentations, webinars, and videos to capture the readers’ attention.

With the help of visual content, you can communicate what your brand has to offer in a more effective manner. Many brands are using videos on their website to reach targeted customers, grab their attention, convey the message faster than text and enhance their brand image.

To put it in a nutshell, stunning visuals can play a key role in telling your brand story in a more engaging way. Keep in mind that visual content can give life to the text you are using to reach a wider audience, so it doesn’t have to be intricate. Put your every possible effort to make every visualization element creative and engaging.

In collaboration with Allbirds, The New York Times has come up with a very interesting website that portrays a beautiful overview of a natural world. With butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, reading news will no longer be boring.  

Use the Content of Your Brand Advocates

Believe it or not, user-generated content can do wonders. It can turn your prospects into paying customers. UGC, if executed authentically, it can serve as a powerful marketing tool as people are more interested in what others think about your brand rather than your brand’s content and advertisement.

When customers share their photos and videos using your products or services on social media, use them on your website as it is a smart way to tell your brand story visually. You can create a dedicated landing page for UGC and share the experiences and stories that help you engage with your happy and satisfied customers and build a trusted relationship with prospects. 

Remember, your customers are your brand advocates; you can use their content to showcase what you have to offer and how your products and services have fulfilled their needs and solve their pain points. By leveraging UGC for storytelling, you will be able to show the more genuine and authentic side of your brand.

Aerie, a lingerie brand has launched a UGC campaign #AerieREAL on social media and they received a tremendous response. They featured the images of real users who are their biggest fans on their website to promote positivity and help women feel good about themselves.

Over to You

All in all, storytelling has the ability to grab the attention of your target audience and help your brand stand out in this highly fierce digital age. Adding storytelling to your web design is a results-driven strategy to deliver information in a more compelling way. By simply using your creative flair, you can come up with a website that tells your brand story in a more authentic and genuine way.

A web design Dubai agency will help you incorporate elements of storytelling into your website design that will eventually help you build a strong relationship with your customers, market your products or services and achieve your marketing and sales goals.