Story of Javed Khan, from making pizzas in London to Buying a Bentley in Dubai



Once a pizza boy now owns a multi-million dollar portfolio, Javed Khan, is a 22-Year-old entrepreneur. Javed has managed to master the art of trading with a specialization in NFX market.


“The graft is often bred into is as teens and into young adulthood, we are told to work as hard as we can to provide for ourselves, for families and a week holiday once a year.”, he remarked.


Javed lived in Hackney East London, his father was a mini-cab driver and he lost his three friends to knife crime, before the age of 18. Due to his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, he believed that there is more in life. He had dreams of University and a 9-5 job in the business sector.


One day while studying BTec in Science, Javed watched, “the Wolf of Wall Street”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. From then, his London craze for trading started. Javed wanted to take a risk, as he was working part-time in Domains and was living in a council house. He invested £1000 of his savings and lost it all within a few hours. But somewhere he knew he could make a success with this.


Addicted to the adrenaline and excitement of trading, he risked £10k, which his father saved for University. He lost it all again. Javed, then realised that he needs to research more and sharpen up. 


He was 19, working full time at Dominos, his teachers telling him that he won’t be accepted in the University with this attendance record. He also noticed a change in his father’s behaviour. Javed knew he had to prove himself worthy. Every time he received a paycheck from Dominos, he started paying to his father, also deposited some amount in his trading account. By the end of 2016, he has gone from debt of £11k to nothing at all. 


Javed moved to Dubai in 2019. In 2020 he bought a Bentley Continental GT and also a 4 bedroom Villa in the city of Dubai. From going in debt, dropping out of college, living in a council house to clearing the debt, building a life in Dubai, he says, “The journey has been incredible.”


Within 4 years, a pizza boy has been able to grow into a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur. The rise of JKMT has been phenomenal. He proved that when one is committed to his craft for a few years of your life, prioritising it, disciplining yourself leads you to achieve whatever you want in life.


Javed looks forward to improving his multimillion-dollar portfolio and share the other individuals. Also, wants to expand his investment into the real estate market Javed stated, “I believed the worst risk you can take when it comes to making money is by not taking any risks at all, That leap of faith to get you into a new world you haven’t discovered before. People say that the sky is the limit, But there are footsteps on the moon. I took that risk, that leap of faith.”