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Stori OTO Links Above –  What is Stori?

Stori is a NO-CODE tool that helps designers, affiliate marketers, ecommerce owners, brands, local businesses, and anyone else make, design, monetize, and share engaging web stories without any coding or technical skills. Stori is the first web story tool that uses the power of both AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and Mobile commerce. This means that marketers and ecommerce sellers and owners can now sell and collect payments directly on their websites using paypal and stripe. Google now shows web stories on its search engines, which is a great way for brands and local businesses to use Google search traffic, Google Images, and Google Discover apps to tell visual stories and get more customers. This also means they won’t have to spend as much money and time on traditional SEO. Choose a template, customize your web story with our easy-to-use web story builder, and publish. In less than 60 seconds, you’ll have a beautiful website story that you can use to sell your products. You can add ecommerce stores, polls, quizzes, and other engaging and interactive features to your web stories. Using Stori, you can make and sell an unlimited number of web stories to local businesses.

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Product Overview

Stori OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

Unlimited Edition of OTO1

The Unlimited upgrade gives the Stori app a power boost and lets you do everything. You can do the following with Stori Unlimited: A digital store manager lets users sell digital products and collect payments right on their web stories. This feature lets users sell their digital products right on their web stories. It only works for digital products. Users can take payments and give their customers a great checkout experience right on their web stories (mobile). This increases conversions and sales by a huge amount. Product tagging (External links): This feature just lets users add tags to web stories about products. On these stories, they can put the price and details about the product, as well as a link to an outside site where the purchase can be finished. Digital stores can use both PayPal and Stripe. a lot of stories Lots of stores 50+ additional dfy Story scripts 50+ Audio templates Anyone can publish. Unlimited Stori validation Polls and quizzes for everyone Unlimited custom domain and more than 50 more fonts A lot of folders Use this story as a guide. SSL and hosting for free

OTO2 once and for all + Edition

More than 20 dfy story templates added each month for life 50 or more extra audios every month for life

OTO3 Advanced Edition for Small Businesses

Tell a Story Make as much space as you need. Add members of a team to a workspace. Make your own template for Stori Change Stori dashboard’s name. Mark your stories with a watermark. AI-generated content for your story Text to Art/Image generator Website with videos and stories DFY invoice DFY letterhead DFY proposal DFY graphics for marketing DFY social media AD copies Email swipes from DFY DFY telemarketing scripts Helpful support Access to the Stori community and guidance Business finder

OTO4 Do It Yourself

20+ DFY digital products You can sell and get as much money as you want. 20–50 ways for local businesses to get new clients Client extractor

OTO5 Stori Reseller Edition

Sell accounts for Stori. 500 licences 1000 Licences Dfy marketing and branding assets Your customers will always get help from you, and you’ll have a key account manager just for them.

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Video review for Front End only Stori

Stori  – Text From This Video

Now, in this demo, I’m going to show you how to use the story app and show you some of its amazing features. I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily make stunning stories for a wide range of niches, using ready-made templates or starting from scratch. I’ll show you how to make designs your own by adding backgrounds, images, videos, and a lot more. I’ll also show you how to add and manage products on the digital store manager and how to share your stories on multiple platforms. using just a few clicks. We’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it. When you log in, you’ll land here on the dashboard on the Home tab. This is where you can see all of the stories you’ve made. so you can quickly access and change them. You can also look for your projects up here in the search bar. Another cool thing is that you can create different workspaces, which lets you group and sort your projects so they’re easy to find. The templates tab has all of the ready-made stories, including templates for restaurants and cafes, gyms and fitness events, online events, and much more. I’ll show you how to use them soon. Next, there’s the media tab, where you can upload all of your own media. Now, this app comes with thousands of free stock photos, gifs, and videos that you can use, but you can also add your own media. Just make sure they’re in one of these formats, and you’ll be able to use them in the editor. Okay, before we check out the rest, let’s go in and make a story. To do this, go here and click on “new story.” Now you have two options: starting from scratch, which will give you a completely blank canvas to work on, or using templates. Now, let’s stick with this one for now. You can look for a category here or just scroll until you find one you like. Then, click “use template” over here.

Stori Local OTO

First, you will need to give your project a name. Then, click on Create. This will open up the editor, where you can change things to your heart’s content. Start by changing the background color or adding an image or video as a background. I’ll look for pizza, and I’m going to use this one. Now you can go ahead and edit the text. Just double-click on the text, and you can change how it’s aligned. You can select from 50 different fonts. You can change the font’s style. The opacity: Play around with the color of the font and the color of the strokes until you’re happy. So, if you want to change the image, just right-click on it and click “delete.” Then, go to the “media” tab and add a new one from the stock image library or upload your own. To do that, go down here and open the “media library,” then click “add media upload,” and here it is. You can move it around and change its size easily. How about we add a new part? You can choose from stickers, emoji, shapes, and icons. Scroll down to the category you want, and here it is: you can add a CTA, or call to action, and this is very important. Add buttons like this one to send customers to a website if you’ve added products in the store manager. You can add this CTA that, when clicked, will take them to the store where they can buy things. You can pick the product and the link, then tag the product (more on this shortly). You can add polls, quizzes, and so on, and the text, answers, and boxes can all be changed. Just choose. With one click on the editor, you can make all the changes you want to your design once you’re done. You can click the preview button, and if you’re happy with everything, you can click here on publish. Then you can add meta tags for SEO and track analytics by adding a Google or Facebook tracking ID. You can also make sure that Your Story meets all of the SEO requirements. This is also where you’ll find all of your publishing options. Put this code into your HTML. You can make a scannable QR code or copy the short link, and that’s it. Let’s go back to the home page and have a look at the store manager I mentioned earlier. So this is where you actually add and manage products for your stories. So if you want to sell bags, clothes, shoes, and so on, you can do that here. Click “Add a Product,” and then you can type in the product name. So, let’s say the shirt’s product description says, “100% cotton shirt, medium size.” Then, let’s add a price. First, choose a currency, and then I’ll just make this 10 dollars.

The Stori OTO Product Overview

You can also put it for sale over here. Then, click next. Now you can add in the digital asset. Click “Next,” and you’ll see that it’s been added. Now, you can go to the store section while making Your Story and add it to that. You can also see all your orders here. You can look at the analytics, such as the sales report, overview, how many products and orders you’ve had, and your total income. So this is perfect for keeping track of everything right now. Move on to the Settings tab This is where you can change all of your profile information, like your name, email, password, and billing settings, and then here at the domain. This is where you will be able to add your own custom domain. Just follow the steps here and then click “add domain.” It will be added, and that’s it. This is a very powerful and useful app. That will save you a ton of time and effort and help you make stories that are beautiful and interesting.

Stori OTO Review

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