Storage Solutions: Freestanding vs Fitted

Freestanding wardrobes have been used in homes for hundreds of years, and for a long time the basic design remained very much the same. More recently, custom fitted wardrobes have been available, so which is the best option to go for to maximise space, when you have limited or asymmetrical space to work with?

In times gone by, furniture was a much more expensive item, almost always bespoke and built by skilled craftsmen. After the advent of mass-produced flat pack wardrobes and indeed other furniture, they became much more affordable for the average family. The problem with these mass-produced products is that they are made to standard dimensions, and will almost always not take full advantage of the available space in your home. Generally, of lower quality, many have almost become throw away items with a short lifespan too, unlike that old bespoke furniture, much of which is still going strong to this day.

So, the only real benefit to the low-cost mass-produced wardrobes is that you can take them with you if you move home (providing they have stayed in one piece or you manage to reassemble them when you get to the new house).

Interior designers and expert decorators have taken advantage of custom fitted wardrobes for many years, and not without good reason. Custom fitted wardrobes such as those designed, built, and fitted by Bespoke Carpentry London will create a space that not only maximises the available dimensions, but will also be more aesthetically pleasing.

If you are tired of making do with shop-bought wardrobes that don’t take advantage of all the nooks and crannies in your room, and are tired of trying to cram clothes, shoes and accessories into a small space, you’ll certainly appreciate the freedom a custom fitted wardrobe can provide. You can design it exactly to your requirements, and include all the clever space saving design features you like.

Many modern homes are small and compact, leaving little space for a large free-standing wardrobe. Even if you can squeeze the wardrobe in, it may overwhelm the room leaving little space for other furniture. If you want to maximise the space available in each and every bedroom in the house, custom fitted wardrobes is the perfect solution. Every inch of space will be used combined with an attractive stylish external finish.

You can take advantage of a wide range of external finishes available and design your custom fitted wardrobe to match your bedroom décor and style perfectly. Having your dream bedroom and impressing guests is easy with a custom fitted wardrobe. The benefits of being able to select your own materials and finish are clear and a real bonus compared to the standard, mass-produced, shop-bought models.

Having your very own custom designed and built fitted wardrobe can be more cost effective than you may think, and will bring a new level of efficiency and style to any bedroom, no matter what the shape and size.