Stop Doomscrolling. Do This Instead

The world seems to have pressed the accelerator on bad news recently, so it is natural for us to feel a sense of anxiety. This anxiety often combines with frustration as we endlessly scroll through our phones. We spend hours and hours arguing with strangers, feeling agitated at the news, and generally feeling a sense of doom and gloom. 

It is important to stay connected to the world around us, but it is also important to refill our own cups. Instead of doomscrolling on your phone all day, we recommend you take a break and indulge in some old and new hobbies instead. 

Play a Musical Instrument

Okay, so you may not be a professional musician, but there are several instruments you can pick up that don’t require extensive training. A ukulele is an example of an easy-to-handle instrument that is a joy to play. This small string instrument has a calming sound and focusing on playing a few tunes will help you recenter your own thoughts. Playing music is not only a calming activity, but it has serious health benefits too. By increasing communication between the left and right brain hemispheres, playing music helps increase our cognitive abilities. 

Don’t think you have to spend time inside if you want to play an instrument. Ukuleles are  easy to carry along with you whether you are going somewhere by road, or taking a hike in a park. So ignore your phone for a while and focus on making music instead.

Head Outside

There is no dearth of evidence to show that spending time in nature does wonders for our minds. In addition to being good for our body, being outside is also the best way to reconnect with yourself. The best thing about the outdoors is that it’s for everyone and it’s free! 

Whether you are an athlete, a yoga enthusiast, or someone who simply loves walking, the outdoors is a space for you to pursue your interests. While spending hours on the phone may make you feel connected with a lot of people, you may be surprised at the connections you can make with strangers when you are out meeting them in the real world.

Spend Time With Those You Love

Our busy work schedules combined with news that drains us out leaves us with little energy. It is no surprise then that our most loved relationships often get ignored. It is important that we don’t let the illusion of online connection take away our real-world relationships.

If you find yourself constantly on the phone, then consider swapping out social media apps for apps that help you communicate and organize meetups with your loved ones. This will help you intentionally set aside time to do the things that feed you instead of being carried away by a flood of negative news. 

Explore a New Hobby

You remember when you were a child and spent all your time discovering and pursuing new hobbies? From collecting beetles in boxes to committing to video games, there was a range of things for you to learn about. Once we grow up, our hobbies tend to fall by the wayside. We never seem to have enough time for them. 

If you use a digital wellbeing app on your phone, you can easily see the amount of time you spend on social media. What if you took some of that time and invested it in exploring a new hobby? Like much else on this list, pursuing a hobby is believed to relieve stress, help us build social connections, and even get better sleep.

One way to break up with your phone and its many unnecessary distractions is to keep an alternative right next to it. The next time you impulsively reach for your device and find your calligraphy pen and paper next to it, you may be more inclined to indulge in art instead.