Steven Carrero – An Asset in the World of Children’s Book Writing

When exposed to a wide variety of books, children tend to pick up and embrace a remarkable amount of knowledge. That’s why it’s so important to provide kids with as many learning opportunities as possible while they’re still young. They can reach any level of achievement in life by reading books. Not only do teachers stand for this bridge, but so do creative authors who write books for children.

We can all agree that reading aloud to kids helps them succeed in school, but there are plenty of additional reasons to encourage them to read. When kids read something they connect with, their reactions are often surprising. They develop a deeper familiarity with their culture and a more nuanced understanding of the environment in which they find themselves. Kids pick up a lot more than just words when they read or are read to. They come up with their creative interpretation of the books they read. Reading can teach children invaluable lessons about the world and themselves. Children benefit greatly from early exposure to literature in a variety of fields, including medicine, the arts, geography, biology, and history. This helps them develop a healthy worldview at a young age and start thinking critically and making educated decisions.

Books for kids are invaluable because they leave an indelible mark on children’s minds and help them become well-rounded individuals. Children are very sensitive throughout their formative years, and reading to them during this time can help shape them into intelligent, courteous, and caring people in the future.

Steven Carrero, a 20-year-old Air Force veteran, author, writer, illustrator, promoter, gamer, online persona, and, most importantly, lyricist, writes books for children to show his admiration for the value of literature for young minds. Steven Carrero is also known by his stage name “_IAmCrypto.” Steven is quite enthusiastic and writes engaging and morale-boosting content-based children’s books.

Over the course of his career, he has authored, illustrated, and published several books for children, including Lord’s of the Gifted: A Nation of Banished Heroes, Mommy, Am I?, and The Adventures of Trez: Lost Dino. Enlisted at a young age, he spent over twenty years in the United States Air Force. He switched careers and transitioned to writing after suffering from physical injuries, PTSD, and multiple deployments. He is now a renowned published author and lyricist.

Steven enjoys penning stories for young readers because he feels they benefit much from having their imaginations fed and stimulated. All his books have creative illustrations because he believes that they are the best way to introduce children to art and reading while also encouraging them to explore their senses through make-believe.

Steven has been featured in several renowned publications, including HipHopWeekly, and boasts a considerable following on various social media platforms.

Steven believes that books can teach children valuable lessons about life; therefore, he ensures that the books he writes and illustrates are as engaging and instructive as possible for young readers. For children who are struggling with education, the prospect of going to school can be particularly intimidating. Because of this, he makes an effort to include something in each of his books that will appeal to readers of varying ages and skill levels since he understands that every child learns in their unique way.

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