Steps to Take If You are a Victim of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice often occurs when a health care provider gives substandard treatment that leads to injury or death of the patient. This medical error occurs during diagnosis, aftercare, or medication dosage. However, the law has made it possible for victims of such medical negligence to get compensation for any harm caused. Most victims don’t know what steps to take and how to proceed to file a complaint about the same. As a victim, you can contact Fort Worth personal injury attorney to consult on the legal ways to take. The law in Texas about malpractice claims suggests you should report a claim in not more than two years from the time malpractice occurred. It’s vital to follow the right procedure to ensure you get justice. In this article, we have outlined steps to take if you are a victim of medical malpractice.

Contact the Medical Professional Involved

If you are a victim of malpractice, talk with your doctor to figure out what caused harm and know if it can be treated. Many medical professionals are prone to making mistakes, whereas some can be prevented or redeemed. If the injuries are too severe and the doctor is not willing to solve the problem, you must seek a second opinion.

Look for a New Doctor

After consulting with your doctor and realizing that the mistake could be prevented, and they are not willing to solve it, look for a new doctor. This step aims at ensuring you start your recovery journey as your health should be a priority. It is crucial to abide by your new treatment to ensure you eliminate the harm caused.

Understand the Texas Law

Now that you are on the healing journey, you can file a claim to sue the doctor for their negligence. However, you must understand the state’s rules concerning medical malpractice and the statute of limitation. At this point, you should hire a Fort Worth personal injury attorney who will help you build a strong case and help interpret the law for you. For cases of fraud, the statute of limitation is set for seven years from the time of harm, while the discovery rule limitation extends to four years from the time of harm. Understanding the law also helps to understand your rights as a victim.

Get in Touch with Your Attorney

You should try to remember the occurrences of the day of the malpractice and narrate them to your attorney. The lawyer will help determine the merit of your case by looking at the available evidence. They also have an obligation to help deal with the insurers and help build an objective case. A good malpractice lawyer will be responsible for gathering more evidence and looking for a witness who can testify. From here, you can focus on getting better and let them do the rest of the work.


Following the steps above will ensure you get justice and are compensated for any harm caused. It is vital to try to remember all the occurrences, and you can even consider writing a journal on everything you can remember. Lastly, always report to your lawyer and the new doctor on the progress of your health.


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