Steps To Take Care of Olive Wood Utensils

Olive wood is better than any type of wood present in the market currently. It has grain patterns, is very dense and is highly resistant to stains and odors. Besides this, olive wood is very reliable and durable. That is why it is a great choice for making utensils. They look extremely classy and are hard to resist.

Although the utensils made from olive wood are reliable and long-lasting, proper care and maintenance of utensils are required to keep them in good condition. It is extremely necessary for their prolonged life.

Olea Lignum Utensils

Let us see some ways of taking care of olive wood kitchen utensils:

  1. Use Mineral Oil: Always season your new olive wood utensils with mineral oil. Do not use olive oil or vegetable oil as these products cause rancidity. Mineral oil is safe to use as it gets absorbed very easily and does not cause greasiness on the utensils. Take a soft cloth and put a small amount of mineral oil on it. Rub the utensil with a cloth and allow the oil to soak into the olive wood. Apply the second coat after the oil after the first application has dried completely. Use the utensils only after they have completely dried.
  2. Washing Technique: There is a technique to wash olive wood utensils. Remember to clean your utensils in warm water and always wash them with mild liquid detergent. Do not soak the utensils in water for long periods as it may cause the wood to swell and crack. Use only warm water to rinse the utensils and dry them with a towel. Do not practice air-drying.
  3. Repeated Olive Wood Treatment: The next step to keep in mind is to rub your olive wood utensils with mineral oil periodically. When you see that your utensils have started giving a dull look, it means that they need a mineral oil treatment again. Apply the oil again and let is absorb into utensils for a few hours. The main advantage of rubbing the utensils with mineral oil is that they prevent the excess of water from soaking into the utensils. The frequency at which you give the treatment to your utensils depends on how often you use them.
  4. Sanitization: Sanitization of utensils is necessary after every few months. All you have to do is to wash your utensils in soapy water. Do not forget to use warm water for this. After that spread all the utensils on a flat surface and sprinkle 3 percent hydrogen peroxide all over their surface.the utensils and dry them using a towel.

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