Unless you’ve got a good knowledge in chemistry, checking skin care ingredients would look more like reading a different language entirely. But this language, however, have gotten a name; that is the international nomenclature of the cosmetic ingredients (INCI), and it’s existence is keen to providing a standardized language of ingredient names that can be used on labels globally. These names however aren’t customer-friendly as we aren’t taught these like the normal English language.

Instead of wasting more time and stressing in names, it is easier to follow popularity and go for products with high acceptance; especially by beauty influencers. This, however, isn’t the best path to take. What may work for your twin may not work for you. An individual approach is essential to picking the ideal skin care product with the right ingredients for your skin. This process also takes a lot of time, energy, and patience, but it’s totally worth it. 

To lend a helping hand here, we carried out the basic research and spoke with dermatologist. With all those information at hand, you’ll feel better purchasing skin care                                         products, and prevent reactive skin disasters when checking for new skin products later on.


Have good knowledge about your skin type

Knowing your skin type is the most essential factor in determining the skin care product that will work perfectly well for you. All products are manufactured for a specific reason and no one is actually bad. The issue here is that most times, people tends to use the wrong skin care                     product for your skin type. Those with acne-prone and sensitive skin type needs to be more careful with the type of ingredient in their skin care products. 

Also, those with oily skin can withstand a large range of ingredients that may at times cause breakouts or possible irritations for other skin types. 

Don’t Purchase Base On Popularity

Popularity as well as packaging are at times easy traps meant to have you into using a product. Well, this shouldn’t affect what we select for our skin. If you choose to purchase a product that’s recommended by a friend or an influencer, you shouldn’t places focus on how glowing and fresh their skin looks, but check to know the type of skin they’ve got. This way, you’ll get to know how effectively the product will work for your skin.

Check For The Following Ingredients 

They are certain ingredients that needs to be in a good skin care product. They are responsible for providing deep hydration, as well as moisturization for your skin. These ingredients include;

  • Ceramide and hyaluronic acid: These are essential moisturizing agents naturally present on the skin. You can however find the hyaluronic acid in the serum form and the ceramide in lotions and creams. 
  • Glycerinthis serves as the back bone of all moisturizing products.
  • Retinol: retinol is also an essential ingredient to always check for in products for a perfect night skin care routine. It assists in stimulating collagen as well as turning over the skin cells.
  • L-Ascorbic acid: the l-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to combat the damages from UV radiation and also stimulate collagen production.
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3): this ingredient helps in controlling oil as well as hydrating the skin. 
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E): tocopherol offers almost same properties like the vitamin C and it’s perfect when both vitamin E and vitamin C. Used together as a skin care duo.

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