Steps to Import from China

Do you know what are the steps to import from China once you close the business with the supplier?

There are a number of steps to import from China successfully.

And in this article I tell you what the steps to import from China are! From when the product is manufactured to the most exciting: when the order arrives at your home or warehouse!

We are now in the part where you have chosen potential providers the ones that best suit you because of how they served you, if their level of English was understandable, if there was a feeling, cost, quality offered, among others.

What comes next? You will ask yourself?

Well, the products you want to buy will not be manufactured or reach your warehouse.

Let’s see the steps to import!

Summary to import step by step:

  • Sample
  • Order from Chinese factory and payment
  • Audit quality (optional)
  • Packaging
  • Prepare documentation
  • Transportation and insurance
  • Arrival of the products and admission to your country

Import step # 1: sample

Ordering the sample is optional, but absolutely recommended.

Is what you are asking really what they can deliver to you? Does it meet the quality requirements that you and your market need?

Sample cost

Keep in mind that when you ask for a sample you will always pay for the freight (air or sea), the costs of admission and also for the product at a price higher than what it costs if you ordered a larger quantity or a full container.

If you are in one of the many fairs that are organized in China or Hong Kong, they will also charge you.

In general, suppliers reimburse you for the value of the sample when you place the order. Ask the supplier before ordering the sample.

The usefulness of having a sample

Once you have the product sample in your hands, check that it works or that it meets what you have requested. You can also take the product to have its quality audited to an organization in your country if you are going to do a large business such as selling electrical equipment, high-end cosmetics, toys for children (nobody wants toys with lead).

The final decision

Ok, you already have the samples in your hands, you have noticed the details, you have shown them to your close circle. You should already be clear which provider to choose to be your partner.

Anyway, stick with the other samples and make a list in case supplier A fails, the fact that the supplier is reliable does not mean that you do not make mistakes, they are human and humans make mistakes! So you have provider B 😀

Import step # 2: order from the factory

To begin with the manufacture of your products, they must make all things clear:

  • The quality will be the same as the sample
  • The functionality will be the same as the sample
  • The value is X
  • The person in charge of the documentation is X
  • The incoterm is X (never work CIF, better FOB)
  • Production time will be X

Payment method will be X and through Paypal, bank transfer, etc. (Less Western Union)

In the quote that the Chinese man sent you, the form of payment comes out, which is generally 30% of the value to start production and 70% when they are ready.

Once the supplier has received the money, they will begin to manufacture the requested.

The balance payment is paid when the products are ready through bank transfer or letter of credit, according to what was negotiated with the supplier.

Import step # 3: audit quality

If you have a lot of money at stake and / or if your product needs certain requirements that must be met to comply with the regulations of your country and you want to make sure that what is being manufactured complies, you can ask an external company to audit the quality of the products during or at the end of manufacture.

Import step # 4: packaging

When the supplier notifies you that the manufacturing is finished and the products are ready, they must be packed.

Correct packaging is one of the keys to the success of your business, damaged goods cannot arrive. Tell your supplier that they must be very careful with the packaging of your merchandise.

Import step # 5: documents required to import

Nothing can come without documents: certificates of origin, packing list, commercial invoice, among others.

If you are missing any when the products arrive in your country, it will be: a stroke, waste of time and money … Can you imagine that the Christmas trees that reached the limit, like the third week of November, come without the necessary documentation? I am dying of anguish, because requesting or correcting them and having them arrive in your country will take an additional 5-8 days.

Import step # 6: transportation and insurance

The transport of products from China is carried out by air or by ship.

Transport by air courier

It is much faster, but also more expensive.

Import step # 7: arrival and admission of cargo

Once the merchandise arrives at the destination port or airport, it is time to put it in, of course.

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If you imported by air

If the FOB value does NOT warrant to intern the merchandise through a customs agent, the courier  will make the internment arrangements and leave the merchandise at the indicated address one or two days after arrival. For this, it is important that the commercial invoice is with all the data of the importer to make the process faster. If you have any questions, call them with the AWB number handy.

If, on the other hand, the FOB value exceeds a certain amount of money, you will need to intern your merchandise through an agent or customs broker. You will have to contact an agent and give him the air waybill number, as well as send him the documentation or certificates.

If you imported by sea

Due to the nature of the procedures, you must do it with a customs agent. Give them the documentation at least 15 days before the ETA. They will do all the corresponding procedures. Then, you must hire the transport from the port to your winery.

And ready! These would be the step by step to import from China and you must have them super clear or it will be like a nebula, you will not know where to start and they can make your import a complete mess or a huge joy that will make you go for more!