Steps to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

Deciding how to find a wedding planner is not an easy thing. While all couples want a wedding planner who has experience and professionalism, it is also essential to choose someone you personally click with from the get-go. Choosing the right professional who fits all of the above and works within your budget is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, you can take a sigh of relief because we are here to provide some amazing steps that will help you find the right wedding planner from several wedding websites.

Utilize your resources

Whether you are looking for a dress tailor, a hairstylist, or a Mehendi artist, there is better than having a personal reference within your own network to put your mind to. If you want to choose a wedding planner, you can take recommendations from your friends and family, and you might be surprised by several quality leads that come your way. You can expand that network to consist of your online connections and put a call out on social media platforms.

Similarly, you can take advantage of online customer reviews via your favorite wedding planning websites. You can check out Instagram, Facebook, and more. Try something city-specific planner hashtags to get more leads.

Research online presence of planners

If you want to find a wedding planner who fits your needs, you should follow such steps. Check out the websites of online wedding planners, portfolios, blogs, and social media. This is the best opportunity to get a strong grasp of their style and aesthetics, with brand voice and style of communication. Check out their work on online magazines, blogs, and other sources. If you found a planner who is in touch with social media, you can consider a live peek at a wedding day of any client on their social media pages or stories.

Meet up in person

While virtual communication is highly effective, you can get so far via email. When it comes to choosing a wedding planner, you should try to meet face-to-face before making a final decision. If you have vetted their work online and want to go further, you are suggested to meet in-person as the next step before booking. Like any job interview, a face-to-face meeting is highly beneficial as it gives a better sense of their personality and whether or not they are helpful to your vendor team.

Ask questions

Once you have a schedule of in-person meeting, make sure you come with a list of questions that address all of your concerns. Going into an interview with no preparation is like spoiling some of the important moments of your big day.

Do not hesitate while asking questions to your wedding planner. You can also ask for a list of past client references. Most of the wedding planners will be happy to oblige, and you will hear directly from couples who can give you a genuine and unbiased review.

Read the contract carefully

When making a final booking, the most important point is to read the contract from start to end. We understand that it is boring to go through paperwork, but it is important to understand what services you are actually getting for your hard-earned money. Make sure you are completely aware of how this planner handles and manages things like pricing and additional fees, day-off set-up, backup plans for weather, and more.

When in doubt, just ask yourself if this is something you want during one of the biggest days of your life. Depending on your answer, make a final call.