Steps To Build A Sustainable Fashion Brand

The fashion industry is one of the top three most polluting industries, which makes sustainability a necessity. We can’t go back and undo the harm, but surely have the power to decide things that work for betterment in towards

But how to make sustainable fashion? Well, there are many approaches and things to do to make fashion sustainable. Look at the following steps to embark on your journey to a newer and better future with sustainable fashion.

  • Mindset

To accomplish your goal of having a sustainable brand, you need to have the right mindset. Because once you get into the path, there is no way out there. It is a serious commitment, and you need to hold one tight to come across what comes on the road. It is also important because the customer would want honesty, authenticity, and transparency to help you reach your goal.

  • Idea and customer need

What’s so special about your brand offering? What problems can your brand offer help for? What precautions are you taking to prevent environmental harm? Do people need your product? If you have the same stereotype answer for such questions, you will always be number 2, or 3, or yet another brand on the market.

The fashion world is a crowded place. To get recognised or noticed by people, you need to stand out. By curating ideas that look after your customer needs and the environment is the best way to do so.

  • Design and collection

Sustainable fashion starts with design. If you design a product that surpasses the average lifespan or can be reused or recycled to be part of the loop system, you can considerably reduce waste production.

Modify your ideas to create their open loop, destroying the stereotype assumptions, helping save the environment.

  • Sustainable material

Having sustainable material for your products can let you have work to achieve a sustainable brand. Work with certified suppliers that have the same goal as yours. Learn the basics of materials so you can judge what’s what and choose accordingly.

Here are few more things that you can do:

  • Try to consolidate your sourcing. Work with a few suppliers, but make sure you all are walking towards the same goal.
    • Try using recyclable materials.
    • Use certified materials to make sure you are adding worth.
    • Try using mixed materials as they are durable fabrics.
    • Use materials that are naturally dyed without toxic inks.
  • Ethical manufacturing

Try to pick manufacturers that have sustainability a priority. Work with factories that care for their workers as healthy and happy workers equal to great products. Sign a code of conduct with your manufacturers to ensure the factory is child labour free, energy-efficient, low in water and chemical usage. It will help you add value to society and save the environment in one go.


All sorts of consumption stain the environment. However, long-lasting quality products considerably reduce the need of getting a new one. Usage of a recyclable and durable material adds value to your brand and the environment we live in.