Steps for Downloading Videos on Tik Tok Without Watermark

For millennials and Gen Z, Tik Tok is the living and breathing definition of fun. And it’s not just that! People across the globe use Tik Tok for various purposes – to promote their brands, their services, products, etc. This short-video sharing app was launched in September of 2016. 

So in comparison to its other social media counterparts, Tik Tok is relatively new and young. Nonetheless, it had gained a fan following like none other. From ice bucket challenges to “Kiki do you love me, ” Tik Tok has definitely brought about a revolution in the social media space.

However, one of the biggest problems with Tik Tok is downloading videos without watermarks. Isn’t it? So, we thought of curating an article that helps you solve that very problem.

How to Download Video on Tik Tok Without Watermark?

Unfortunately, Tik Tok does not allow users to download videos without a watermark. In order to do that, people must use third-party apps like By using this app, you wouldn’t miss those videos that you always thought of downloading and sharing with your friends. So, how can you go about it?

Well, it’s quite simple, to say the least. Using the aforesaid website, you can download Tik Tok videos in the below mentioned simple steps:

  • Open your Tik Tok app on your cell phone/mobile phone or PC.
  • Browse through to the video you wish to download.
  • After finding the video, click on the “Share” button.
  • You will find a link. Copy that!
  • Once the link is copied, visit the website.
  • On it’s landing page, paste the link.
  • Click on the download button and choose from the numerous options you get.

There you go. It’s that simple. By following the aforementioned steps, you can easily download Tik Tok videos without a watermark. 

The Key Takeaway is the safest way to download your tik Tok videos without watermarks. The algorithm works in a way to automatically identify the branding and logo and delete it while downloading. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let us know how it went!