Steps for applying MCA distance education at LPU University

The full form for the LPU is Lovely Professional University and MCA is Mater of Computer Application.

Most of the students are preferred the LPU university in Punjab for their distance education. This university will provide different types of distance education courses. With the help of this article, you will know about the steps for applying the lpu distance mca.

What is meant by distance MCA?

The MCA distance education course is three years and six-semester course. You can study the distance MCA without leaving your house. You can study through the internet. It is suitable for those who have no time to attend the regular classes and who are working. It is known as a distance MCA course.

What are the reasons to study the distance MCA at LPU University?

The reasons to study the lpu distance mca are given by,

The charge of the MCA education will decrease with the lower admission rates and buying the cost of the books are reduced which you can study through the online and e-book which is provided by the LPU University.

If you are a working person you can study the MCA distance education course. This course is a boon for many students who are poor to continue their studies. This helps to the students to keep the academic future and professional futures are balanced.

LPU University will provide the MCA distance education for the student to choose the university easily for their MCA distance education courses.

MCA distance education gives you an opportunity to secure a degree in computer application without going to the college.

It will help you to keep updated on the subjects in MCA distance education without leaving your job.

How to apply for the MCA distance education at LPU University?

The steps for applying the MCA distance education at LPU University are given by,

You must need to apply for the given entrance examination after meeting the eligibility conditions. After conducting the entrance exam the university will declare the result and cut off marks.

At the next step of clearing the entrance exam, you will be shortlisted. Then you will be called for the document verification and then admission will be given.

You can also have merit-based admission which is based on the marks are obtained in the bachelor’s degree. If you are having the greater percentage in your UG course you will be preferred as first.

After the verification of the documents, there is a small interview session for you will be conducted.

What are the documents are required for the MCA distance education?

The documents are required for the MCA distance education in LPU university are given by,

  • You will need the transfer certificate and bachelor’s degree certificate for the qualifying examination.
  • You can keep the mark sheet of the qualifying examination and the original Chalan receipt.
  • You need to have yourself addresses stamped on 3 envelopes and community certificate, nativity certificate, and income certificate in original.
  • You have the self-attested copy of the SSLC and HSC certificates which will be showing your date of birth.

Best of luck!!