Stephen Dalby’s Gabb Wireless Makes Kid-Friendly Phones, Free From Distractions

As technology has developed over recent years, so has its mass integration into children-focused products, with digital applications and eye-catching videos captivating the attention of the world’s youth. While many of these inventions have been used in an educational capacity, a large number simply exist to occupy kids’ time, keeping children mindlessly busy while their parents do their best to accomplish tasks in the meantime. This screen dependency has resulted in a startling and emerging trend: kids as young as eight years old are spending an average of 4.4 hours per day staring at screens. Looking to diminish this concerning technological addiction is Gabb Wireless, an innovative phone network designed specifically for kids by founder Stephen Dalby. Gabb’s mission is to enable kids to live beyond the screen but still connected — without any distractions included. 

Inspired by his own personal plight when sourcing a cell for his 12-year-old-son, Dalby founded Gabb Wireless in September 2019 to fill the children’s phone market void with a functional, no-frills device. “I knew what I wanted for my son, and it just wasn’t out on the market,” says Dalby. Built with all the necessities — talk, text, calculators and photo-taking capabilities — Gabb Wireless has done away with access to the internet and time-wasting games across all of its device designs, allowing kids to use their cell phone exactly as it should be: to keep in touch with friends and family.

“This may sound surprising, but the reason why kids like our phone is because they don’t spend a lot of time on it,” revealed Dalby. “Kids are happier when they are out playing with friends, developing talents, and connecting with humans, NOT sitting alone in a locked room swiping a screen.”

New studies have revealed that kids are using technology even more frequently than their parents realize, while also subsequently determining that the more time kids spend outside, the happier they are. As such, Gabb Wireless’ innovative and child-oriented take on the modern cell phone couldn’t come at a better time, prompting children reemerging onto the post-COVID-19 social scene to spend their time more thoughtfully. Plus, with Gabb Wireless’ phones being purposefully “unhackable” to prying eyes and digital pirates, parents can have peace of mind in knowing their kids’ phones are as safe as they come.

Recently, Gabb Wireless introduced its novel smart watch — the Gabb Watch — loaded with GPS capability for concerned adults, talk and text, as well as a curated list of parent-approved contacts. Operating as a stand alone product, the Gabb Watch allows parents to keep track of their kids on-the-go who aren’t quite ready for the full responsibility of owning a cell phone. One parent in Dallas says, “The product is perfect. My daughter is not ready to keep track of a smartphone, nor do I want her to have one yet, so having this one around her wrist has been liberating.” So, whether you have a child playing in the local youth soccer league, or want to make sure your daughter makes it to dance safely, the Gabb Watch is a product that should be considered for kids on the go that just aren’t ready for a phone yet. 

It’s about time someone figured out how to introduce technology to kids appropriately. For more information on Dalby’s game-changing company, visit Gabb Wireless for a further look at the company’s revolutionary kid-friendly products and services.