Step by Step Guide to Setup a Secure Offline ledger Nano Wallet!

It’s time to secure your cryptocurrencies with hardware wallets!

Generally, hardware wallets are one of the most convenient and safest options, where you can store your private keys in this secure physical device. These offline devices can’t be hacked as it stores the coins in the more safest forms. Through these wallets, you can send and receive your cryptocurrencies without the involvement of a third-party.

The various examples of ledger nano hardware wallets are Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor, and many others.

These wallets provide safe storage, so you keep your coins secure from hackers. The availability of private keys offers reliable access to your coins. These private keys are PIN protected with an optional passphrase. In case, if your hardware wallet is damaged, broken, or lost, no one can access it. Since these wallets are available offline, they are also known as cold storage.

If you’re thinking about buying a secure ledger Nano wallet or already buying one, you require a proper guide to set up this device. We are here going to present a detailed guide over this. Let’s have a look.

What Does Mean of Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet?

Hardware wallets or ledger wallets are password protected physical devices, which acts as a small plug-in device and present a secure platform to store your private keys. This easy to carry device provides an additional layer of security and can withstand various cyber crimes, viruses, and phishing sites. It’ll keep your assets safe and secure even when this pocket-friendly device is attached with your computer. A hardware wallet owner can open the lock through private keys where his assets actually exist. The advantage of blockchain and this convenient device is that you can access your coins anywhere anytime across the world.

In case, if your wallet is lost/damaged, you can recover all your assets through a 24-word recovery phrase.

How Ledger Nano Series’s Wallets Are Secure?

Usually, the traditional offline wallet is only featured with private keys from your regular hard drive. As a result, they’re easily available for unwelcoming cyber attacks. On the other hand, hardware wallets don’t let you expose your private keys even while proceeding with transactions.

The hardware wall asks the wallet software before providing the payment details like target location and requested coins. Then, it’ll wait for user confirmation, sign the transaction, and then ultimately send back a digital signature to the software. This will make the transaction.

Step-by-step Guide to Set Up Ledger Nano

Open Up Your Ledger Nano Box

So, you bought a new Ledger hardware wallet. The first step in installing your hardware wallet is to unbox your Ledger Nano wallet package. And determine that your box is equipped with all the contents.

An official Ledger Nano wallet will contain:

  • A Ledger Nano S device.
  • A USB cable.
  • A Keychain.
  • A lanyard.
  • 3 Paper Cards: a Getting started instruction sheet, a blank recovery sheet, and a Did you notice card

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Make sure you received an original box with the right content.

Navigate And Control The Device

Once you’ve received a complete set of Ledger nano Wallet, it’s time to know how you can control and use it for storing your cryptos. Generally, a Ledger Nano is featured with a small LCD screen and buttons that will assist in controlling your coins, plus the device. Through these buttons, you’re entitled to navigate menus, select your preferred options from menus and then confirm the actions or transactions. 

By holding the device horizontally in your hands, you can operate all the functions on your device. Once you get used to the design, this little device will assist in every step to protect your cryptocurrency assets. 

Plug-in Ledger Nano Wallet

Ledger Nano wallet comes up with a USB port through which you can connect it to your computer via a USB cable. Once it’s connected to your desktop, a welcome message will pop-up on your desktop screen. You’ll also see a brief introduction of how to use the device and can operate all the functions through available buttons on the device. 

Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet review

Press the button from left or right for navigating the menu items. If you want to select the option from a menu, you can press both the left and right buttons simultaneously. This will make confirmation for further operations.

Install Ledger Live on Your Computer

In order to access all your current transactions and other information, the next step is to download the Ledger Live application into your computer/laptop. This is a replacement for Ledger Manager, which was used previously. 

It’s software that will allow you to manage and access your bitcoins and altcoins easily anywhere, anytime. You can send, receive, trade, check, and manage your crypto assets all in the same place. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, which is available for Windows PC, Mac OS or Linux. So, download the button and click on the blue button “Get Started” to continue.

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Configure New Device

Once you’ve done with downloading the app, select “Initialize a new Ledger device” to set up a new device. Next, a “Configure as new device” message will pop-up on your device’s screen. Touch on the right button, which resembles “Checkmark (✓)”. In case, if you already have an old Ledger account, you can press the left button or touch “Crossmark (X)” to revive your wallet with a recovery phrase. 

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Set a PIN Code

For high-level security purposes, ledger wallets are featured with private keys. So, choose a strong 8-digit pin to keep your hardware wallet protected from unforeseen thefts and malware. Every time when you switch on the device, you need to enter this 8-digit pin number for obtaining access to your crypto assets and confirming transactions. 

For picking a new PIN code, click the left or right button to scroll through the table of numbers. Next press both buttons at the same time to confirm a digit PIN. Once you’ve done with PIN code, it’s time to validate your 8-digit pin by reentering it again. In case, if you forget this PIN number, you are entitled to recover your code with a 24-word recovery seed.

How to configure your Ledger Nano S

Write Down your Recovery Phrase

If you forget your PIN, how can you recover it?

In order to keep your Bitcoin and other coins secure and protected, you must store 24-word phrases securely on an offline sheet. Make sure you keep your recovery seed safe and away from the reach of thefts. Take out your “My recovery phrase” sheet that is available in the Ledger Nano box. It’s recommended that write down the seed word-by-word according to the numerical order.

But, don’t store these words on any device, and don’t even snap a picture of the recovery sheet. You can also retrieve all your cryptocurrency transactions, and information through this 24-word recovery phrase if your device gets damaged or stolen. 

Anyone who has the access to this 24-word phrase can control and recover your wallet. Once you’re done with the recovery phrase, click on the “Continue” button. Now,  your device is ready to use.

Concluding Remarks

That’s it. Now you can send, receive and manage your coins efficiently with your Ledger device. Everyone does want a secure device where they can store all their cryptocurrency investments securely. But, before choosing a Ledger device, it’s recommended that you choose one according to your choices. 

Both have different specifications but the purpose is the same. Above all, make sure you’re buying the Ledger wallet from an authentic manufacturer. 

In the meantime, give time to let yourself and stay safe.