Step by Step Guide to do NTFS file Recovery with a Data Recovery Software

NTFS, a file system that is high-performance, is a Windows feature. It supports file-level encryption, compression, auditing, and auditing. It supports large volumes as well as powerful storage solutions such RAID. The best new feature in NTFS is its ability to encrypt files or folders to protect data. Because of its superior performance, it is popularly used to store personal files. You can delete the partition or files in this folder if you do not follow these instructions, a virus attack, or power outage.

What is NTFS?

NTFS is the most modern file system, which makes use of advanced data structures for improving disk space utilization and overall performance. It also allows you to restrict access with NTFS permissions so that only certain people can view these files or folders without worrying about them being hacked by someone else who may have less rights than they do!

The “Recycle Bin”, which allows users to quickly recover deleted files, makes it easy. Recycling your lost data in the recycle bin will not work for many types of file loss situations but there is another solution available – powerful NTFS recovery software that can help recover any kind or size of document from a formatted drive. A lot goes on inside our computers without us even realizing it! When an accident occurs and crucial documents are accidentally deleted forever with no chance at being recovered by The Computer Restorer’s oftentimes ineffective recycles bins their world crashes down around them as if someone pulled the plug right out

What Happens When NTFS Hard Drive Gets Formatted?

Hard Drive Data recovery is a tedious and time-consuming process that requires expertise. If you lose any important data, stop using your device immediately! The hard drive must be reformatted before new information can be stored on it – this will overwrite the old files with clear space for more recent additions; even if an NTFS Hard Drive data recovery tool were used in such instance (which has been proven infeasible), there would still exist no way whatsoever to recover lost pieces of info from deleted partitions/drives formatted under Windows operating systems other than…

When formatting one’s personal computer or laptop HDD (hard disk drive) as well as deleting all its contents beforehand then we say: It makes them available but at times

Stellar Data Recovery Software to Recover NTFS Files

Here we recommend you stellar data recovery software. It quickly and easily recovers data from NTFS drives. This software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. You can download the software directly on your computer to undelete NTFS file.  No special skills or knowledge are required to recover NTFS files. It is completely safe and automatic. It can recover gigabytes or months of work from your valuable photos, letters and other files. Even if your NTFS drive isn’t accessible by Windows, it will still help.  You can follow the steps below to learn how to delete NTFS files.

Recover data from NTFS Hard Drive with a Data Recovery Tool

You can try Stellar Data Recovery to recover data from NTFS hard drives. It is powerful, yet easy-to-use DIY hard drive recovery software that will extract your lost files and restore them back onto any windows device or storage media such as Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) USB Memory keys & more! Whether you formatted it by mistake when taking out something important like songs on an external HDD before formatting its memory card during a trip abroad but found later there was no space left inside anymore due to excessive deleted files – don’t worry because we got you. When your computer gets encrypted with BitLocker, don’t worry! We can still help you recover data. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Connect the NTFS Hard Drive with your system.
  • Download, install, and run Stellar Data Recovery software on the PC.
  • Select ‘Everything’ from the screen that appears under ‘Select what to Recover’. Or, choose the type of data you wish to recover.
  • Select the hard drive that you are trying to recover data from under Connected Drives from the “Recover from” screen.
  • To start scanning, click on the “Scan” button
  • After the scanning process has been completed, you will see a confirmation dialog box
  • The scanned results can be viewed in three formats: Tree view, File Type and Deleted List.

You can view the scanned results in three formats: Tree view, File Type and Deleted list.

  • A preview of the files can be viewed as well.
  • Click on Recover to select all files that you want to retrieve.
  • Click Browse to select a destination and then click Start Savings.
  • Be careful not to save recovered data on the same drive where you lost it. This will prevent data overwriting.


You should now be able to recover data from an NTFS drive if you have a good understanding of the NT file system (NTFS). To avoid data overwriting, it is important to immediately stop using a drive that has lost data. Stellar Data Recovery is a specialized NTFS recovery tool that can retrieve your important data. Stellar hard disk recovery software is a DIY tool that can recover all types of data from corrupted, crashed, formatted or encrypted drives. In case you don’t want to do it yourself you can look for a data recovery services that will help you to recover the data you want.