Stem Cell Therapy A Better Alternative To Repair ACL Injury Than Surgery

Tearing your knee’s anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL as it is generally called is a too painful injury that a person can tolerate. Not just is this injury related to, all the pain that comes along with it, but also its long healing course. Nevertheless, that was the case once upon a time, when traditional surgery was your lone choice, to fix your anterior cruciate ligament injury. Today, because of new advances in the clinical field, ACL injuries are best treated through stem cell therapy for knees.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

It’s a non-invasive choice in comparison to traditional surgery because it doesn’t make any sort of large incision or cut. This even makes it a safer choice also. With it, your ACL is able to heal & repair, while adult stem cells are used from the patient’s own body to regenerate the tissue.

Why Go For Stem Cell Therapy and Not Surgery?

In the event that you choose to have surgery done on your ACL, this will require removal of the damaged ligament and replacement of the same with a ligament either from a donor or a part of the patient’s own body. As you can likely tell, this came with a slow healing period, which went from six months to one year. Also, even after the recuperating procedure completed, the majority of the patients said they never felt the same again. This means they were never as good as new.

However, with stem cell therapy for knees, patients really grow new ligaments within the knee joint. What is done is, adult stem cells are injected into the injury itself so that new cells can begin generating on their own.

The Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

You may ask – Why people are going for stem cell therapy, rather than traditional surgery? It’s simple since it comes with a bunch of advantages. For one thing, there are significantly fewer risks since the procedure itself is done in a clinic, using just a light, local anesthetic directly into the injection site. Other than this, stem cell treatments are utilizing blood, fat, and marrow from your own body.

In other words, you don’t need to worry about your body taking badly, to the body parts. Moreover, there’s no incision here, which means, you won’t deal with ugly scarring or some kind of infection developing. Obviously, you may undergo a little soreness after the procedure. However, that is nothing ice, rest, and medicine won’t fix.

Stem cell therapy is a safer, faster, and more effective way to repair your ACL injury as compared to traditional surgery.