Staying Safe and Enjoying the Holiday Season During COVID Pandemic 

The holiday season is almost here, and we are sure that you are already thinking about celebrating it with your friends and family members but you are worried about their safety. The pandemic has completely altered our celebrations and holidays. Everyone is pushing for virtual meetings, but these are not personal. You don’t get the holiday feels.

Therefore, if you are still willing to host a gathering on holidays, here’s how you can do it. Check the guidelines by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and evaluate whether it is safe to plan a gathering or not.

What You Need To Consider About Holiday Gatherings?

Ideally, virtual gatherings are the safest. If there’s a possibility, then it may best to meet virtually and avoid increasing the risk of spreading the virus. When that is not possible, a set up with low risk should be formed.

  • Host a smaller gathering. Fewer people always pose fewer risks than a huge gathering.

  • Prepare meals for sick neighbors and family members but deliver them while avoiding contact in any form.

  • Participate in virtual dinners instead of in-person gatherings.

  • When you are shopping for family and friends, prepare online methods. Avoid visiting crowded places for gifts and food.

  • Follow your tradition of watching parades and matches online.

Guidelines by CDC

A lot of people return home from college, school, or jobs during the holidays. If your guest list includes any such person, then your risk of virus increases. People traveling from different places to home may have been exposed to the virus at various touchpoints. When at your gathering, they can spread it to everyone else.

Check how you can control the spread of the disease during your holiday gatherings:

Community Spread

When you are planning a gathering, check the locations from where your guests will be arriving. If these locations have community spread or a high number of COVID-19 cases, then you should avoid inviting these friends and family members. In fact, if you are attending a gathering, check the number of cases in the neighboring area before visiting.

Location of Gathering

Near crowded places, such as public transport, bus stations, gas stations, and other areas, there’s a high risk of transmission.

Further, if you arrange a gathering indoors, then there’s a high risk of transmission because of poor ventilation. Therefore, outdoor gatherings are much safer.

Number of People

When the number of people attending your gathering is more, the risk is more. Consider inviting only a closed group of friends and family. As you increase the size, you need to increase precautions. It may become hard to arrange multiple sanitizer stations, seating which is 6 feet apart, and follow other safety laws. So, constrict your gatherings to a few people only.

Duration of the Gathering

Generally, if you organize a longer event, you are at high risk. For instance, if you are in the vicinity of an infected person for more than 15 minutes, it can put you at risk as well. So, shorten your gatherings and consider winding up the dinner sooner.

Additionally, it is best to avoid a sleepover party or a stay-over gathering. This would only increase the risk and your efforts (as you may need to sanitize everything afterward).

Attendees Behaviour

During the gathering, there’s a need to encourage everyone to wear masks, wash hands, and follow social distancing guidelines. If people in your gathering do not follow these guidelines, then consider isolating for 14 days.

Overall, during the gathering, it is important to encourage everyone to take preventive measures:

  • Wear masks

  • Wash hands

  • Use sanitizer

  • Sit 6 feet’s apart

Safety Measures

  • Before the event, you should purchase the necessary essentials; sanitizers, wipes, and disposable masks.

  • Arrange a sitting arrangement that requires everyone to sit or stand 6 feet apart. Even your dining table should be set up in this manner.

  • Encourage everyone to wear a mask throughout the gathering. It would be great to get customized masks for the gathering. This would include the fun element in your gathering; it can be a tradition.

  • Avoid greeting people by hugging. Maintain a safe distance and just wave instead of a handshake.

  • Place a sanitizer station outside the door to allow everyone to sanitize before entering your home.

  • When you are eating or not wearing a mask, don’t sing or shout as it increases the risk of spread.

  • When preparing food, limit the number of people in the kitchen. Also, utilize only sanitized and sterilized towels.

  • You can promote food safety by encouraging everyone to bring their own food.

  • Even if you prepare it, avoid a buffet as that can gather crowds and increase the risk of spread.

  • Use only paper plates and disposable cups. These should be disposed into a non-touchable (Touchless) dustbin.


During the holiday celebrations, don’t forget to keep yourself and your guests safe. Prepare for this event beforehand and arrange everything that might be necessary to avoid contact with an infected individual. With necessary precautions, you can enjoy the holidays and still stay safe.