Starting up a company, how companies grow and how they sustain? by

New high-growth companies are entrepreneurial ventures with the ambition of achieving substantial sales of, for example, Dfl. 50 million or employing, say, 100 staff within five years of their foundation. During this period, what began as a start-up should have become an established enterprise. This is a significant distinction compared to less ambitious company foundations. New high-growth companies are rarely in a position to finance themselves; they can only be realized with the assistance of powerful professional investors. Thus, for anyone setting up a high-growth company, finance is the existential issue. This means that, right from the start, the concept must be regarded from the perspective of future investors

Key Points to this case:

-The essential factors in starting up a successful company

-How professional investors look at new companies

-The typical process for starting up a high-growth business


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