Start Your Digital Design Projects With Figma Templates

Figma is a well-known design and prototyping tool. If you have an internet connection, you can browse and work with Figma. It renders everything wonderfully by using vector shapes for drawing and elements. Figma is a design tool that especially designed for teams and associations. You can do a lot of things with the designing process from prototyping to testing of your digital project to the final launch. Most of the designers compare Figma with an online whiteboard because Figma is used to design and prototype together in real-time.

Cost for Figma

Anyone can use Figma free of cost for small projects. But it provides paid service to the large business users and teams. Cost can be different for starters, professionals, and organizations.

Competitors of Figma

Figma is an extremely accepted design tool not everyone can use this tool. There are some Figma competitors listed below:

  • Affinity Designer
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Adobe XD
  • UXPin
  • ProtoPie

The best solution depends on how effectively you plan to use the elements of the tools like prototyping, testing, production design, or a combination of these essential elements. You must need to consider that you want a browser-based tool or not.

Figma Templates

There are quick-start packages that contain user interface elements, design pieces, and tools that help to start the digital projects of designs by using the software. This complete package is known as Figma Templates. The community that uses Figma tools is much powerful and it allows users to add the elements and tools that have been shared by different users. A good template carries everything that you need to start a digital project and to finish the project. If you want to bring it to life, you need to do work through branding and with customization of content. Templates can be short and included everything that helps you to complete the digital design projects.

The templates are used by the designers in numerous ways like Figma Templates can help to increase the speed of projects and give them a rapid start and finish in a short time.

Five Figma Templates that help you to start a digital design project

It is not easy to beat a good Figma Template. This tool gives a rapid start to a project that leads to the development of the project and facilitate the best practices to learn how to use the templates, by knowing the way used by others.

Here is a list of few best Figma Templates that helps you to give a quick start to your digital design projects:

  • Doux Multipurpose Web UI Kit Template

This is a user interface Figma template consist of various type of components and blocks that help in making a site or app design. It provides easy customization of the content and is based on Bootstrap.

  • Multipurpose Dashboard template

This template provides numerous components for customization and this template is stylish. As per your requirement, you can resize the elements.

  • Branding identity template

This Figma Template is created to build a branding identity. It is a simple template with consist of various elements like use and print such as letterheads, business envelops and cards, and many more.

  • Done UI E-Commerce templates

This Figma Template contains every tool and element that gives a quick-start to the E-Commerce app projects. The design of this template is very simple but modern that is easy to customize. Components and screen elements are included in Done UI E-Commerce Template.

  • Persilia template

It is well known as a portfolio website template. It is very easy to customize as it is a clean design with no complexities. You just need to add content to get ready to be online.