Star Health Insurance introduces surrogacy cover and oocyte donor cover


In a significant stride towards promoting women’s health and well-being, Star Health and Allied Insurance has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its women-centric insurance policy – the Star Women Care Insurance Policy. This policy now extends comprehensive coverage to surrogate mothers and oocyte donors without incurring any additional costs for policyholders.

The introduction of surrogacy cover and oocyte donor cover in the Star Women Care Insurance Policy is not merely a milestone in the insurance sector but a testament to the insurer’s commitment to addressing the varying healthcare needs of women.

Understanding the Significance

Surrogacy Cover: Providing security to surrogate mothers

Surrogacy is a noble yet complex process wherein a woman carries and delivers a child for another individual or couple. It often involves intricate medical procedures and a substantial commitment from the surrogate mother. It is significant feature in private health insurance. The surrogacy cover, as part of the Star Women Care Insurance Policy, is a game-changer for surrogate mothers.

It offers inpatient hospitalization coverage, specifically addressing post-partum delivery complications that may arise during or after the surrogacy process.

Here are the key features and significance of the surrogacy cover:

Coverage Duration: The surrogacy cover extends over a generous period of 36 months. This duration is pivotal, as it accounts for the entire spectrum of prenatal and postnatal care, reducing the financial burden on surrogate mothers during a crucial period.

Coverage Initiation: The surrogacy cover commences from the date when the treatment or procedure is initiated. This ensures that the surrogate mother is protected right from the start of her surrogacy journey, providing peace of mind during this critical phase.

Miscarriage Due to Accident: In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage caused by an accident, the policy includes provisions to offer a lump sum amount to the surrogate mother. This aspect reflects the insurer’s understanding of the emotional and financial toll such circumstances can take.

Age-Appropriate Cover: The surrogacy cover is designed for surrogate mothers between the age group of 25 and 35. This age bracket is relevant as it typically represents the prime reproductive years for women. It is during this age range that many women choose to become surrogate mothers.

Proposer Requirements: An important aspect of this cover is that the proposer must be one of the intending couples. This requirement reflects the insurer’s commitment to ensuring that the cover is accessed by individuals genuinely involved in surrogacy arrangements.

Sum Assured: The policy offers a substantial sum assured of up to Rs. 1 crore. This high coverage amount is a reassurance that potential medical expenses related to surrogacy are adequately addressed.

The surrogacy cover in the Star Women Care Insurance Policy plays a pivotal role in providing financial security to surrogate mothers during their selfless journey to help others fulfill their dream of parenthood. It acknowledges the physical and emotional challenges that surrogate mothers may encounter and offers support when it is needed the most.

Oocyte Donor Cover: Bridging Gaps in Oocyte Donation

Oocyte donation, also known as egg donation, is a vital component of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It involves a woman donating her eggs to another woman who may be unable to conceive due to various reasons. 

Here’s why the oocyte donor cover is of significant importance:

Coverage duration: The oocyte donor cover offers a coverage duration of 12 months. This period is instrumental as it encapsulates the time frame in which complications arising from assisted reproductive treatments may surface.

Indemnifying Hospitalization Expenses: The oocyte donor cover comprehensively covers inpatient hospitalization expenses for complications arising from assisted reproductive treatments. This includes medical procedures and care related to oocyte donation.

Age-Appropriate Cover: Similar to the surrogacy cover, the oocyte donor cover is tailored for individuals between 25 and 35 years of age. This age range aligns with the prime reproductive years for women and is when most oocyte donors typically undergo the process.

Proposer Requirements: Just as with the surrogacy cover, one of the intending couples must act as the proposer for the oocyte donor cover. This requirement ensures that the cover is accessed by individuals genuinely involved in oocyte donation arrangements.

Sum Assured: The policy offers a substantial sum assured of up to Rs. 1 crore. This high coverage amount safeguards against unexpected medical expenses related to complications arising from oocyte donation.

The oocyte donor cover acknowledges the crucial role that oocyte donors play in helping other women realize their dream of motherhood. By extending comprehensive insurance coverage to oocyte donors, the Star Women Care Insurance Policy facilitates a smoother and safer process for all parties involved.

Comprehensive features of the Star women care nsurance Policy

The Star Women Care Insurance Policy encompasses a myriad of features designed to provide holistic protection to women’s health. Let’s explore these features:

No Premedical Screening: The policy also eliminates pre-acceptance medical screening, streamlining the acceptance process. This ensures that insurance coverage can be obtained more swiftly.

Midterm Inclusions: The policy allows for the inclusion of specific features and coverages during the policy term. This flexibility accommodates evolving healthcare needs and requirements.

Pregnancy Care Treatment: The policy encompasses pregnancy care treatment, acknowledging the critical importance of comprehensive maternal care.

In-Utero Fetal Surgeries: For complex cases, the policy provides coverage for in-utero fetal surgeries, ensuring that both the mother and the developing fetus receive the best possible care.

Hospitalization Expense of Newborn Baby: The policy extends coverage for hospitalization expenses of the newborn baby, recognizing the need for comprehensive postnatal care.

Pregnancy Care: Extensive coverage for pregnancy care is a core feature, recognizing the pivotal role that maternal health plays in the well-being of the mother and child.

Newborn Cover: Under this feature, a newborn gains health coverage of up to 25% of the overall coverage or sum insured from Day 1 of coverage. And 100% of the sum insured from the subsequent years onward.

Star Mother Cover: A unique feature of the policy, the Star Mother Cover, encompasses the hospital room rent of the insured mother if the insured child is less than 12 years old and is hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU).


The introduction of surrogacy cover and oocyte donor cover in the Star Women Care Insurance Policy by Star Health Insurance is a significant step towards addressing the unique healthcare needs of women. It recognizes the critical roles that surrogate mothers and oocyte donors play in assisted reproductive procedures and offers them comprehensive protection. The policy’s extensive features encompass a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, ensuring that women can access holistic healthcare coverage.