Stand Out: 9 Unconventional Marketing Methods

Did you know 87 percent of people will research a product online? If you want to learn more about digital marketing, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best marketing methods.

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1. Begin Blogging

To reach a new audience and current clients, consider beginning a blog. If you don’t have one yet, make sure to start one now.

You need to build your platform by trying out authority blogging. Try using Medium to post new content or answer questions on Reddit or Quora.

You could try LinkedIn’s publishing platform. All these platforms are authority domains that people can post on. You will get an immediate reach to massive audiences.

Before you blog, take some time thinking about your content. Give people valuable content, so they see that you are an authority in your area of business.

2. Begin a Podcast

A lot of people use smartphones and listen to podcasts. People will listen to podcasts during their commute to work or while they work out.

If you want to ride out this trend, start your own podcast. Showcase your company’s expertise on a specific subject.

Are you completely new to podcasting? You can begin your podcast by trying the interview podcast format. The interview-style podcast is a great way to educate your audience about your products.

Do you want to connect to your audience more? Try a storytelling podcast.

Your podcast will be a story-driven show and rely heavily on editing to bring together a story. You will pull from sounds, music, and interviews. As a host, you will narrate the story.

You will need to be more creative, but your listeners will be able to imagine the stories in their minds.

3. Create Videos

Before fast internet connection, people had a difficult time watching online videos. Nowadays, you can watch tons of videos without streaming issues.

People will watch YouTube for entertainment or look for solutions. Produce interesting videos to entertain, inform, and inspire your audience.

Making videos can be time-consuming and expensive. If you have a smaller budget, turn your most popular blog posts and podcasts into videos first.

To increase brand awareness, highlight your products or services. Educational and fun videos can help you establish your company as a voice in the industry.

You’ll increase the referral traffic and gain the trust of your customers.

4. Host Contests Online

Build buzz for your brand by holding online contests.

Do you want to host contests often? You could sign up for a service that will help you manage the contests. The service will help you launch events like photo contests and sweepstakes.

If you don’t want to work with a service, you could host the contests on your own. Hold your own contests by asking your audience to comment-to-win.

Running a contest will also boost your following on social media. You can offer extra entries to your giveaway in exchange for follows.

5. Build Your Social Media Accounts

Connect with your audience by creating meaningful and exciting content. Make the most of Instagram by creating Stories throughout the workday.

Your audience will get to know more about you and your company with these informal stories.

Begin to build your presence on Twitter and Facebook as well. Ask your network to share your company’s page.

6. Work With an Influencer

One way to boost your brand is to work with a well-known influencer in your industry. Research online first to find a few different influencers. Reach out to them to learn more about the cost to work with them.

An influencer will create unique content to showcase your service or product. An influencer will know what’s on the mind of customers.

Online influencers use a variety of platforms. They could promote your business through pictures, videos, texts, or other media.

If they have a large following, you could gain new customers.

7. Hold a Webinar

To introduce your product and brand to a bigger audience, host a few free webinars. Make your topic fun and appealing to help generate interest.

Take time to brainstorm new topics and plan your webinar. After you pick the topic, you want to spread the word and invite people to your webinar.

Share the webinar link on your social media accounts.

8. Network Offline

Don’t miss the chance to market your company in person. You might connect with new people that you would never meet online.

Every new person you meet is a marketing possibility. If the topic of work comes up in a conversation, share about your brand and product.

Networking in person will give you the chance to share your business with people.

9. Try Print Marketing

Most marketers have stopped print marketing and instead prefer digital marketing.

Stay up to date with marketing trends, but invest in print and traditional marketing as well. You can separate yourself from competitors. Make high-quality and attractive magazines, annual reports, or pamphlets.

Send out industry-related calendars to your customers at the start of the year. You could also turn popular infographics into tote bags or shirts.

If you want to bring more foot traffic to your business, check out sign spinners for hire.

Now You Know More Unique Marketing Methods

We hope this guide on marketing was helpful. Try a few different marketing techniques like videos, podcasts, and contests. Use these marketing methods and grow your audience.

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