Stan David Botanicals – Kratom strains, prices, and incredible deals


Stan David Botanical was introduced back in 2016. The mission of Stan David was to provide customers with the best products. He started this vendor with a clear-cut vision. They are very active on social media forums and gaining more reputation day by day. They have thousands of followers and millions of lies on Facebook. Their fame is not only because of the products available but deals offered by them attract a lot of customers. 

Kratom strains offered by Stan David:

Stan David sells incredible and tasty herbal teas. Kratom teas offered by them are also unique and breathtaking. Honestly, they are well-known for their teas. The vendor is offering countless Kratom strains. Each of them is highly appreciated by the customers. Among all, elephant strain and Bentuangie strain is of great importance. Following are some of the strains available at the vendor: 

  • Elephant tea
  • Green crushed leaf
  • Green Horn
  • Red chocolate
  • Red Sumatra
  • White Kali
  • White Kapuas
  • White magic
  • White Riau
  • Yellow Gold
  • Yellow Sunda
  • Yellow Vietnam 

In addition to Kratom, they are also offering akuamma seeds, kava, and hirsuta. Sample packs are also available. 

The blends: 

Stan David Botanical is also offering far-fetched blends. These blends are highly potent and effective. They hold unbelievable possessions with remarkable timing. The blends offered by them are as follow:

Enhanced pulse blend

Enhanced fibro blend

Enhanced golden gate bridge blend

Famous strains of Stan David Botanicals:

To be very honest, each of their strain is appreciated by their clients. They regularly update their stock and add new strains in it. The owner and the team keep asking their clients what they want in their strain list. It helps them o add whatever is desired by their customers. 

However, the fame of Red X is unbelievable. This plain form of Kratom strain is very compelling and efficient. Once ingested, it gives quick and long-lasting possessions. The smell of Red X is also very different. Apart from Red X, white silver queen, yellow Sundanese, and super-duper green are of great importance. 

Prices of the products: 

The vendor is selling Kratom and other products at sensible rates. Their products are easy to afford and buy. The detail of prices offered by Stan David Botanicals is as follow: 

One ounce of Kratom powder is offered at $5.

Eight ounces of Kratom powder is offered at $35.

$55 is charged for 16 ounces of Kratom powder.

1kg pack is available at $110.

10 grams of Kratom extracts are priced at $30 and one ounce of them is offered at $65. 

Shipping of the products: 

USPS options are used for shipping orders. Extra charges are added for shipment. Following are the three shipment options and their cost: 

  • USPS priority mail and the shipment charges for this option is $7.
  • USPS priority large flat rate box is offered as a shipment option at $13. 
  • USPS priority express mail which requires $19 for shipping. 

Coupons, deals, and discounts: 

By applying coupon codes, discounts up to 15% are availed. Besides, following them on Facebook also advantage a lot which will perk with incredible deals. 

Customer reviews:

 Reviews of the customers clearly tells us about their well-alleged status in the market. Everyone is praising Stan David Botanicals on different social media forums including Reddit and Double M Herbals. I have selected some of those reviews which will surely help you to decide that this vendor is going to be your next option or not. 

“I am proudly and confidently recommending Stan David to everyone. Go and buy from them. If they will disappoint you then I will surely pay you for your next Kratom.” 

“Their yellow Vietnam and yellow gold is my love.” 

“My experience with them is always good. They are fantastic and iii am a very big fan of their super-duper green strain.” 

“Very high-qulaity products are sold by them. I appreciate them for their reasonable cost and yes how could I forget their high-rated customer support.” 

Pros and Cons:

Every vendor has some advantages and disadvantages. Stan David Botanical is indeed giving us major business goals but they need to work hard to make themselves better and improved. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of them. 


  1. The diversity of Kratom strains offered by them is of great importance. Their stock is filled with high-quality and remarkable strains that are hard to get from other stores.
  2. Their products are very easy to purchase. Stan David is offering each of Kratom strains and other products at a low cost which is a very positive point of them. 
  3. Not only Kratom but all the other products offered by them are implausible. They are well-known for selling various botanicals. 
  4. Previously, they were not accepting payments through e-check which is a very convenient way of sending payment online. They are also accepting payments through money orders now. 


Their website is not noticeable. It doesn’t carry enough information about the store and its products. Also, no information related to the source of Kratom has been shared there. Almost all the reputed vendors have shared their sources of getting Kratom. They need to work a lot on it. Here is the official link of their website 

Final Verdict: 

Stan David Botanical is selling freshly grinded powder of Kratom. The taste of products offered by them is hard to believe and amazing. They have a mind-blowing customer support system that is always available to help customers. This vendor is a good choice for those who are willing to buy a large quantity of Kratom powder. 

Besides, their teas are highly recommended by their customers. They have unqiue taste and effective possessions. The only negative point is unprofessional website of them. It is adding negative points in their reputation. Apart from this, Stan David Botanical is a must-try seller of Kratom and other botanicals.