Stair Lift Motors Market High State Of Affairs, SWOT Analysis, Business Summary and Forecast 2032

The stair lift motors market is likely to rise to US$ 139.3 Million in 2022. The stair lift motors are anticipated to reach US$ 211.6 Million with a CAGR of 4.3% by 2032.

The stair lift motor is a type of moving chair that helps to ride the person from up-stair to down without getting any burden. As it is a comfortable, short-term solution for the elders who are afraid of the stair so a huge demand for stair lift motors persists in urban areas. The sales of stair lift motors are growing in medical emergencies including fractures or diagnoses and falls.

The demand for stair lift motors device for lifting people in the direction of the track beside the stairs is increasing. A bannister is attached to the stair tropes, and a lifting stand or chair is attached to the rail. This is likely to boost the growth of the stair lift motors market in supermarkets and shopping malls during the forecast period. These are some of the major reasons for the recent increase in the stair lift motor market size.

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The stair lift motor market size is anticipated to experience a moderate growth rate during the forecast period.

  • Convenience

The flexibility, low maintenance cost, and reduced weight are likely to increase the stair lift motors’ market share during the forecast period. A high level of immobility and convenience is reflected to be a top reason in the adoption of stair lift motors.

  • Safety feature

The advanced stair lift motors are much safer and it reduces the chances to fall. The stair lift motors are specially used by handicapped, old-age and children which are anticipated to increase the stair lift motors market opportunities. The government is also imposing strict rules across the globe to take up initiatives to use stair lift motors in the medical sector.

  • Technological progress

The manufacturers are also making products more user friendly to increase production and the sales of stair lift motors in coming years. On the other hand, technological innovation in the medical industry remains one of the prominent driving forces to rise the stair lift motors market growth.

  • Energy efficiency

Over the past few years, the demand for A.C. power stair lift motor is increasing with a noteworthy attraction in the global stair lift motor market. Due to its vastly reliable and energy proficient services, the end-users are likely to increase the adoption of AC power stair lift motors.

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  • Trained personnel

Trained person is required for the installation of stair lift motors, lack of acquaintance related with local elevator codes may hinder the stair lift motors market growth.

  • High Cost

Moreover, high prices and deleterious customer evaluations related to the post-sales service is venerable and poses a challenge for the adoption of stair lift.

  • Operational Injury

Additionally, concerns related to the prospective threat of injury owing to incongruous installation is expected to continue to present challenges to the growth of this market.

The key participants of the global stair lift motors market are the following:

  • Dumore Motors (US)
  • Acorn Stairlifts, Inc. (US)
  • Lothian Electric Machines Ltd. (EUROPE)
  • Harmar (US)
  • Chanter Biomed (UK)
  • Bruno (NA)
  • MediTek
  • Stannah Stairlifts Ltd.

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