Sri Lankan Businessman Brendon Shanil Shares His Priceless Ideas on “How to Grow Your Business from Zero to Hero”

Brendon Shanil is a successful Sri Lankan entrepreneur and businessman who owns news/media and entertainment sites where he makes thousands of dollars every month. His passion for business drove him to try new business ideas and finally, he became the owner of 6 top brands in the world, including E Online Sri Lanka and RB Organization. His business journey consists of many experiences over the years. This long journey is fueled with both victories and defeats. Therefore, Brendon is well aware of facts that can make your business grow or fail. That’s why we invited him to express his precious ideas on “How to grow your business from zero to hero.” 

According to Brendon Shanil, every successful business starts with passion and sacrifice. Everyone who has succeeded in their career has a great passion for it and they have sacrificed a lot to reach that position. Here is how a successful businessman like Brendon grows his business from zero to hero.

  1. Set New Goals

Goals are crucial because they keep you awake and running. A businessman without goals won’t achieve his full potential. Usually, a business with goals and targets grows faster than a business without any goals.

After setting up goals, you should work in order to achieve them. After accomplishing them, then target for higher goals. It will help your business to grow faster and stronger.

  1. Build Long-Term Relationships with Customers

Without doubt, customers are the saviors of a business. If you want to promote your business and increase sales for free, you should focus more on building up good a relationship with customers. Don’t hesitate to complete their request and always try to keep them in comfort zone. If you can provide a great service that goes beyond their expectations, they will remember it forever. Think like a customer and find out what’s lacking in your business. Teach your employees to build up a friendly relationship with customers.

If you do this right, customers will ensure to maintain a healthy relationship with your company and promote it among friends and relatives. You don’t have to pay a single dollar for it. It’s completely free and you just need some hard work for it.

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  1. Treat Your Staff as a Family

This is where most people lose their track. You should keep in mind that your staff affects the growth of your business directly and indirectly. The way you treat them has a high impact on the way they serve the customers. They are the representatives of your business or brand. Your staff can enlighten or tarnish the quality of your brand. It depends on the way you treat them. If you treat them well, they will support customers well in return.

Don’t underestimate your staff. Listen to them and understand their needs. Train them and help them to sharpen their skills. This will surely affect the growth of your business in many ways.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Competition

When Brendon Shanil started off at first, he had many competitors who were above him. As he was well aware of the competition from the beginning, he was able to get to the top of it with hard work and proper planning.

The main problem beginners encounter is winning clients over their competitors. If you follow the below steps, it won’t be a big deal to become the best seller in the market.

  • Study your competitors
  • Find how they attract customers
  • Find their weaknesses
  • Avoid the mistakes done by competitors
  • Create better deals than your competitors
  • Give loyalty gifts to your customers

You should know what customers care about when choosing a better brand.

  • Quality of the products
  • Price
  • Quality of the customer service
  • Communication

Therefore, your product or service should always meet these requirements to be ahead in the competition.

  1. Start Now and Improve as You Go

Many people overthink and lose control before launching their business. They want to make it perfect, but did you know many successful companies out there didn’t think about being perfect in the beginning? Yes, they didn’t and what they cared about is attracting customers and building their brand.

 Let’s take Amazon for an example. It wasn’t perfect when started off but look at it now; it’s one of the world’s largest companies at present. Therefore, don’t think too much about getting a perfect start, focus on the quality of the work. Don’t procrastinate and start now. Your business will grow gradually over time.

By now, you should understand that growing your business from zero to hero takes much effort and time. It cannot be achieved within a few weeks. Consistency, quality, marketing and customer service greatly affect the growth of your business. These 5 epic ideas and tips of entrepreneur Brendon Shanil will help you to create a renowned brand in the world.