Sri Ganesha in the Indian astrology or Vedic astrology

Most traditional birth charts in India consist of drawings of Sri Ganesha at the top of the chart to honour him and have his guidance and blessings. Ganesha rules over knowledge, mathematics and karma. Yet Ganesha has specific astrological correlations too.The best astrologers in Delhi suggest worshipping lord Ganesha for wisdom and prosperity.

Sri Ganesha, the lord of knowledge and learning

According to astrologers in Delhi, Ganesha or Ganapati is the lord of the Ganas, meaning group, number, word or collection. He rules speech, writing, transcription and compilation. All forms of technical and scientific knowledge come under him, and he influences art, music, dance, poetry and literature. Vedic classes in India begin with chants to Ganesha. He governs secret and esoteric knowledge also.

Ganesha rules over our karma as well. He guides us to create good karmas to lead a blissful life. His form signifies good luck. He rules over time and the time cycle. He is associated with the Cosmic Mind, which Mahat Tattva considered the basis of all universal laws. He is the ruling Cosmic Intelligence connected to the eight limbs of yoga.

Role of Sri Ganesha in astrology

  • Sri Ganesh and Ketu

Among the planets, Ganesha is mostly associated with Ketu. Ganesha has symbolism with Ketu, the headless tail of the serpent. It signifies wisdom. According to Vedic astrology, the elephant’s trunk is the symbol of controlling the tail serpent. Ganesha carries the Kundalini serpent energy according to Indian astrology.

Ganesha controls Ketu to give wisdom and knowledge, and spiritual insight. His guidance is always sought to control the Ketu and prosperity in life.

  • Jupiter and Sri Ganesha

There is a planetary connection between Ganesh and Jupiter. Ganesha gives wealth, bliss, health and accomplishment like Jupiter. It can be seen during the Diwali festival, where Ganesha blesses Subha and Labha, good fortune and wealth.

There is a Vedic connection between Ganesha and Jupiter. In the Rig Veda, the hymns start with the hymns to Lord Ganesha. In the hymns of Brihaspati or Jupiter, there is also mention of lord Ganesha.

There is an equation of Ganapati with Brihaspati, the deity for the planet Jupiter is evident in the Rig Veda. In addition, like Jupiter, Vedic Ganapati is connected to the cosmic forces of the universe. Jupiter is called Guru of planets, and Ganapati is honoured as the first guru in Vedic practices. 

  • The sun and the Moon’s relation with Ganesha

The sun is the lord of the planetary group. Ganesha is considered to have the power and the light of a million Suns. According to Vedic astrology, he is not specifically a solar deity, but he can rule over all the planets. We invoke lord Ganesha for the blessings of any planets and reduce any negative energies.

Relative to the Moon, Ganesha controls and protects the Goddess that rules over the Moon. He dwells in the root chakra or Muladhara to control and strengthen the Kundalini serpent energy, the Yoga Shakti of the Goddess.

  • Sri Ganesha rules over the Nakshatras

Pushya in Cancer (03 20-16 40) is ruled by Brihaspati and marks the place of exaltation for Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer. Pushya rules over rituals and sacred knowledge on your life and career. It is one of the most favourable of the Nakshatras. As Ganapati and Brihaspati are both givers of wisdom and knowledge, he can be given supreme authority over Brihaspati’s Nakshatra.

Vishakha in Libra and Scorpio (20 00 Libra-03 20 Scorpion) are ruled by Lord Indra, the lightning force. They are connected to Brihaspati or Jupiter. Vishakha is the name of the brother of Skanda. Ganesha and Skanda as the two sons of Shiva and are brothers. Ganesha is the elder one Vishakha is known for giving wisdom and insight, like lightning. Lore Ganesha resides over this nakshatra and influences your life.

So, according to astrologers, if you want to have a strong position in Visakha, seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha also.

Hasta in Virgo (10 00-23 20) is associated with Savitar, the god of wisdom. The day of Ganesh Chaturthi usually comes with the Moon in Hasta is the fourth tithi (phase) of the bright half of the month Bhadrapada. Ganesha is called Hasti, the elephant god with the trunk. The wisdom, abilities and artistic mastery of Hasta Nakshatra goes well with lord Ganesha.Bharani in Aries (13 20- 26 40) has a connection with Ganesha. Yama is the ruler of this nakshatra. Yama, in the Vedas, is not only the deity of death but also a form of Brihaspati who paves the way beyond death to immortality. Ganesha lost his human head and got the head of the elephant. It signifies that Ganesha has the power to overcome and control life beyond.