SQL Marketing: learn how to identify more opportunities

Knowing how to recognize SQL Marketing is essential to improve your company’s results. After all, only those who know how to work their leads and increase sales opportunities can win more customers and stand out in the market.

One of the main goals of Inbound Marketing is to attract people and get them interested in the products or services that your company has to offer.

And as this is done through the production of relevant content, you can do more with less, since this methodology does not require large investments.

But in order to have the expected success, it is necessary to know some tips regarding how to take care of your leads and classify them according to their stage in the sales funnel.

Within that, knowing what SQL Marketing is fundamental to increase your opportunities and improve your results.

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First, what is MQL?
MQL stands for Marketing Qualified Leads, which in Portuguese means qualified lead for Marketing.

In other words, the potential customer classified as an MQL is the one who has already gone through the first phase of his shopping journey, that is, Learning and Discovery.

This means that he recognizes that he is facing a problem and that he needs a solution to solve it.

To this end, the lead starts looking for companies in the sector, in order to understand more about the solutions to their question.

So, he will want to find content that explains this, whether it be blog posts, social networks or even rich materials, such as ebooks and whitepapers.

Therefore, the lead in this phase is classified as qualified for Marketing, or MQL, as it is ready to be reached by its nutrition strategies.

Thus, it is necessary to produce relevant content and email marketing that make the prospect understand the value of your solution, in order to make it an SQL marketing.

And what is SQL Marketing?
Knowing what SQL is essential to continue selling your company’s products or services.

After all, this acronym stands for Sales Qualified Lead, which, in translation into Portuguese, remains as a qualified lead for sales, essential for maintaining your business.

In addition, sales lead is an opportunity for your company is very important, as it helps in the optimization of various sales processes.

In general, sales lead is characterized by your company from the moment it shows an interest in what you have to offer as a solution.

That’s because the potential buyer has understood that your proposal can solve the problem they are facing.

To recognize a sales lead, check to see if any business contact has been requested, which can also be called a hand lift.

Another way to find out what SQL is and if it is ready for your business is through lead scoring, that is, the score that shows the fit of the lead with your ideal customer.

No wonder, it is necessary to count on all the help of the marketing team to qualify it correctly, making it the best option to close a contract.

Understand how MQL to SQL works
After understanding once and for all what a Marketing Qualified Lead and a Sales Qualified Lead are , it’s time to find out how the switch from one to the other works.

In short, the ticket works from the moment the marketing team transfers the lead to the sales team.

It seems to be quite simple, but there is much more work behind it, which starts when marketing generates leads from your company’s website or blog.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the production of relevant content in order to convince the user to fill out the form with their contact information.

If this lead has an affinity with your persona and has purchasing power, Marketing begins to nourish you with valuable content through email marketing, social networks, etc.

Here it is important to note that your marketing and sales department must align to what extent it must nurture a lead so that it is a sales lead.

If this does not happen, the probability of passing on an MQL outside the “profile” or not prepared to buy your company’s products or services is very high.

In this scenario, the marketing department must redo all the qualification work again, taking longer to complete the sale.

However, if the lead is well nourished and fulfills all the requirements, it ends up becoming an SQL marketing – or sales qualified lead.

From then on, the sellers of your brand end up being responsible for closing a new contract in a more practical and quick way.

What differentiates an MQL from SQL?
Once an MQL is identified, the sales team needs to work with a filter to understand whether it can be turned into a sales lead.

Thus, we can say that SQL is a lead qualified by the sales area.

To define a sales qualified lead, the sales team can structure a manual job or use digital marketing automation tools.

In both cases, you need to keep the sales funnel in mind to understand your lead’s needs and what’s missing for them to make the purchase decision.

This is because it is possible to recognize which contents are ideal for the nutrition of a sales marketing, depending on the stage of the funnel in which it is.

Doing this work manually can be very complicated, so using a digital marketing automation tool can be extremely effective.

With this, you optimize your time and money, since the tool tracks all SQL so that your salespeople define the best strategies to convert them into customers.

Find out why you should do the MQL to SQL filter
Only from the filtered results that SQL Marketing opportunities can be seen in full by the sales team.

In this way, closer, who is the person responsible for closing the sale, has greater freedom to be able to bring new contracts to your company.

Furthermore, it is a way to make sure that he does not waste time investing in someone who is not qualified to buy your products or services.

Start working on SQL marketing and increase the chances of closing new contracts
In this content, you saw how important it is to define whether a potential customer of your products or services is an MQL or an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

For this, the marketing and sales teams of your organization need to be well aligned, after all, the first one will pass the contact to the second.

At such times, the second needs to make a filter which classifies whether the lead is really ready to close a contract with your company.

So, now that you know what SQL is and what MQL is, how about finding out how to optimize your work and get faster results?