The Most Common Ways Your Hinges Are Being Damaged

In addition to locks, hinges are also important for the security and safety of your place, equipment, and vehicles. Hinges are a vital element of a functional door frame. The care and maintenance of hinges are essential to get things working perfectly without any difficulty. In addition to their household use, hinges find their use in industrial and commercial sites as well. There are multiple types of hinges out there too, from pivot hinges, barrel hinges, case hinges, flag hinges, continuous hinges, and spring loaded hinges. These types are fit for a variety of different uses. It depends entirely on the choice and requirements of the user as to which is best.  

Maintenance of hardware on a regular basis is the key to proper functionality. However, there are some common problems with hinges that could arise over time. Being aware of these problems will help you avoid common damage or deterioration. Here are some common ways hinges are damaged:

  • Shutting or pushing the door with excessive force can cause a problem for your hinges. This action will put unnecessary strain on your hinges and eventually damage them. The best way to avoid this is to shut or push the door gently. Make sure you regularly lubricate hinges too. You can even install a blockade in the path of your door to ensure it doesn’t move further than it needs to. This will avoid extra stress on your hinges.
  • Weather conditions also add to the deterioration of hinges. Winters especially could be a significant cause of stress to your hinges. The change in humidity and temperature due to severe weather conditions can cause loose screws, limited movement, contraction of the metal and various other problems. All these problems collectively add to the usability of your hinges. Keep your hinges lubricated during these times.
  • Rust will also severely damage your hinges. If hinges are exposed to excess moisture, they will deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care of hinges outdoors, especially near the ocean or exposed water. Applying oil or specified hinge coatings on a regular basis is the best way to keep the rust away. 
  • Hinges can often build up grime as well. The likelihood of a build-up of grime is much higher if hinges are used around warehouses or factories. The combined effect of dust and grime would be enough to cause damage in the internal mechanism of hinges that would make them entirely dysfunctional over time. The use of silicone sprays is an effective treatment to reduce this build-up. Regular use of lubricants, oils, and special hinge coating will also reduce the build-up of grime in the first place. 

Damaged or deteriorated hinges could create a variety of problems in your home or workplace. Keeping an eye out for the common causes of wear and tear on hinges means yours will stay in a better condition for longer, keeping things running smoothly.