How to help Cupid out

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and we all want to know how to make it the Best Day Ever! When we think of the 14th of February, we think of pink hearts, red roses, and romantic candlelit dinners. Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so you need to plan. It is much easier to make passionate plans over a weekend. The struggle is real, sigh. Read on for some nifty info on St. Valentine, updated gift ideas, and helpful tips to make your Big Moment as beautiful as you are.


It did not start as an epic romance story. Instead, this day dedicated to Love began with a martyr in Italy. This bloodthirsty beginning somehow inspired medieval writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, to write romantic poetry in celebration. It sounds crazy, but this comes straight from the Italians themselves. Love poems were the first tokens of affection between would-be lovers, later upgraded to small gifts. English people in the Victorian era used different flowers to send messages. For example, daffodils were a sign of appreciation, and the lily of the valley meant trustworthiness. Myrtle was the token for marriage. The Victorian flower language was quite detailed, and it even mattered how you held the bouquet. Red roses symbolized true love then, and we still follow this tradition today.


Traditional gifts for the Day of Love are chocolates for sweet thoughts and red roses. Roses come as a single perfect bloom or a bouquet. The florists and candy store owners are wild about Valentine’s Day, and you will find gorgeously decorated shop windows luring you inside. Although these are tried and tested, as romantic presents, they have become a little…stale. Spruce up your Love Offerings this year and keep the floral theme by gifting fragrance. Perfume is an incredibly intimate gift welcomed by anyone. If you know your Significant Other’s favorite, that makes things a lot easier. If you do not, there is no need to stress, and there are many ways to find the perfect fragrance for your beloved. 


Roses top the list naturally. Anything that has a rose element will be delicately sweet. According to experts, Vanilla is on the list too. It is a warming element and releases the same serotonin as eating good chocolate. We have heard that the blend is positively seductive if you pair the vanilla with a deeper note, like amber, a balsamic, or a woodsy feel. Musk immediately springs to mind when speaking of seduction. There is something primally carnal about the scent of musk on warm skin. For an exotic and mesmerizing element, we look to jasmine. Gardenia and ylang-ylang are recent favorites as having an inviting sense. Spicy notes like cinnamon and ginger add a pulse beat of erotic tang. Having this info is useful, but is be a bit overwhelming. After all, you want all the good stuff. But it is not practical having one perfume have all these ingredients. Your loved one would smell like an explosion in a perfume factory. Let us break down the most popular scents into simple categories.


By reading the descriptions of brand-name perfumes, you will easily find the perfect one that contains the perfect ingredients. The most popular scents associated with Love have rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang, or tuberose. Exotic jasmine and the musky patchouli also make this list. For a more in-depth complexity, notes of plum, freesia, and sandalwood lead the way. If you are buying a perfume for your Lady Love, concentrate on finding her favorite brand or one that contains a mixture of these elements. Or she has a vision board; you might get lucky and find her bucket-list perfume there. If she loves being on trend, a quick search for her fave celebrity’s signature fragrance will also get you points. The most popular brand names for fragrances are Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel.


Men also love being spoiled with luxury items, and a brand-name fragrance will be a sweet surprise. Plus, you will benefit from him smelling deliciously addictive when you are out on the town! Research has shown that men love scents like cinnamon, vanilla, ginseng, and a touch of peppermint and sandalwood or musk. These subconsciously imbue confidence. It makes sense if you smell good, you feel good. These fragrances will help your Romeo get in the mood for romance. If he has a signature scent, get that for him. You should surprise him with a fresh new perspective on fine masculine fragrances. The most popular fragrance brands are Paco Rabanne, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dior, and Creed.


There is a popular misconception that certain fragrances are only for specific genders. Some are, for example, more floral-scented and thus skewed for women, and others are more woodsy and skewed for men. But times and perceptions have changed, thankfully. No one has to be limited to buying a gender-specific fragrance. Everyone should feel free to choose their ideal scent. After all, we all love smelling gorgeous! Unisex perfumes get created with this freedom in mind. They incorporate unique and bold blends and are known for long-lasting stunning fragrances. Unisex fragrances are not new, no matter what social media tells you. Upper-class people of all genders wore natural perfumes in the Middle Ages. In reality, this was to mask their offensive body odor due to appalling hygiene, but despite their backwardness in soap, they were future thinkers with perfume for everyone. The trending brand names for unisex delights are Gucci, Estee Lauder, Sisley, Cartier, and Versace.


So, you have found the perfect perfume, booked the restaurant, and chosen the perfect outfit. You want every little detail to be Just Right. Wrapping your V-Day Gift should be a vital part of that. For traditional gift wrapping is best to choose red, gold, or silver wrapping paper with a gloss. A beautiful ribbon around the package is the best place to tuck in that single perfect rose or a love letter. Yes, those are still around. If you prefer something a bit different, we found two online tutorials people have raved over. The first one shows how to make a stunning gift box. The second one is a box with a heart motif. Now, to set the scene.


Knowing that this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday may complicate your plans. After all, a late night before a work day can be frustrating. Unless you can take Wednesday off, we must deal with it as best we can. If you and Beloved agree, you can celebrate early, the weekend before. This plan will have obvious advantages, but it is not the same. Either way, on the Big Day, something special is expected. Whether you plan to go for a romantic dinner, see a play, or revisit where you spent your first date, make reservations where needed as soon as you can. Restaurants get booked up very early for this celebration. For the private after-party, you want to ensure your place is spotless. Nothing will kill romance faster than a dead pair of socks lurking on the floor. This Youtuber shows her cleaning and decorating skills if you need some motivation. Nothing sets the scene better than some candles. We all know we look mysterious and sexy by candlelight. Get the wine or champagne chilled and ready. If dinner’s at your place, keep it simple with elegant appetizers, a sexy main course, and a decadent dessert. Do not use this as a trial run- it is safer to practice the dishes first! 


You plan with attention to detail. The perfect perfume is secured and gift-wrapped to impress. Your restaurant reservations are confirmed. Your home is sparkling and ready for anything. Dress for success because you are all systems go! Get your favorite music to set the mood, and look forward to a night spent with your lucky Lover. We’ll end with this inspirational quote from Paulo Coelho: “I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” Let Cupid’s arrows fly!

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