Spotlight The Difference Between Webp and JPG

Do you want to resize your image? Don’t fret, it’s no longer a difficult task now. The digital world has become so advanced that you can convert, compress and resize images online in different formats like webp and JPG as per your need. However, this article will help you in spotlighting the difference between WebP and JPG so that you can have a better understanding of these formats before undergoing any change.

Contrasting Aspects of Webp and JPG

The purpose of both formats is to optimize the image so that it can be shared and stored easily. However, the size of a Webp image is much smaller than a normal JPG file. Let us give you a detailed difference between Webp and JPG files by discussing each format’s pros and cons.

Size and Compression

The size of WebP images is smaller as compared to images in JPG format. You know both lossless and lossy compression is easily supported by the Webp image format. Recent research shows that WebP lossless compression files are 26% whereas its lossy compression files are 25-34% smaller than JPG images. On the other hand, JPG file only supports lossy compression as it reduces a certain level of quality while optimizing and it is adjustable too.


As the size of WebP files is smaller than JPG and other file formats, it enhances the speed of websites. Users will get a better experience while using your website because its loading time increases due to this Webp format. On the contrary, the JPG format also has a fast loading time. It is considered one the finest options for professional photographers as it is easy to edit and you can quickly transfer your data in this format.

Search Engine Optimization

Since the speed of the website is faster in both WebP and JPG files, it will result in improving the website’s SEO in both formats. However, the WebP image format is more SEO-friendly than any other format. It also has a faster loading time which helps in user engagement and plays a very positive role in ranking your website at the top of search engines like Google. Even if you optimize WebP or JPG image formats, they will still give you a high-quality and SEO-friendly image.


WebP File format has very poor compatibility. Every browser doesn’t support this format. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge are the ones that support this new format whereas Safari and Internet Explorer do not support WebP. Some software like Photoshop also does not support WebP format. On the other hand, the JPG image format is one of the quickest ways to shoot, fast to deliver, and has very good compatibility. It can be opened on almost all devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, or any software in the market.

High- Quality

It is shown that there is a high risk of quality loss in WebP image format. The flaw and quality are less visible in large images but if you convert a small-size image then all the details and textures will be prominent. Whereas JPG image format takes high-quality photos in burst mode. It doesn’t need any photo editing software as it can be printed directly from your device. So if you want to convert your image from WebP to JPG format for a high-quality image, you can take help from different professional resizing tools like Bulkimageresizer.


Another best characteristic of Webp is that it can make your images easily transparent. This feature makes WebP a smart choice for web developers and designers as it supports both lossless and lossy compression. Adding more, the Webp image format also has the ability to support animations which are logos, graphics, etc. On the other hand, JPG doesn’t support transparency or animation. This is because the image is optimized in JPG format as it uses a lossy compression algorithm. This eventually results in the loss of some data and causes problems with transparent images.

Concluding Remarks!

Every image format comes up with various advantages and disadvantages. But Google tries to keep things simpler for the audience that’s why it tried to combine the previous formats like PNG and JPGs to invent a better source. You know by using Webp format, you can easily compress your images within seconds. Many popular platforms such as youtube have already started using it. WebP image format has features of different formats, it’s like all in one. For example, WebP image supports lossy compression and it can be considered as the JPG version of WebP format. Moreover, this format also uses lossless compression which is considered as the PNG image format. Whereas, many people don’t prefer the JPG format to compress their images. It is highly compatible and can be opened and converted on any application. So, it’s better to take a look at this article before deciding to opt for a better image format.