Spot UV Varnish Technique – What are the Benefits?

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a technique to coat printed products such as business cards. Also known as Spot gloss or Spot varnish, clear Spot UV printing is an effortless technique and involves UV light, as the name suggests. The UV light finds its use in treating the varnish that is applied on the printed card or other material. The ‘Spot’ signifies that the technique can be applied to specific areas of the card or sticker to enhance that aspect more than the other parts of the product.

Although primarily used on colored paper and printed products (cards), the Spot UV technique can be used on white paper products as well. The reason that it is used majorly on colored products is that the method not only protects the color of the product but also enhances its shine. Spot UV business cards price depends upon several factors, such as the finishing, the applicability (single side or double), the card size, the quantity, etc.

What are the Benefits of the Spot UV Technique?

Well, using the clear Spot UV technique has several benefits. Let us go through them one by one.

1.Ultimate Shine

Even a single coat application of the Spot UV varnish is enough to enhance the look of the product (the card or sticker) that it is applied on. This helps to bring about a nice touch to the card and makes it visually appealing. Further, the application intensifies the quality of the product too.

2.Environmental Friendly

It isn’t all about beauty with the Spot UV technique. The clear Spot UV is labile and, therefore, environment-friendly too. How? Well, the varnish’s non-volatility is an assurance that it will not vaporize or dry-up. The problem with volatile substances is that they evaporate and escape into the air, causing harm to the environment. This aspect is negated when it comes to Spot UV varnish printing.
Using Spot UV varnish also preserves cards and stickers from damage.


If it has to find effectiveness with stickers, business cards, etc., the finishing of the Spot UV varnish is of utmost importance. Not only should the finish be even, but it should also be smudge-proof. The use of UV light in the technique guarantees this feature of the varnishing process.

4.Enhanced Clarity

While many might think that an extra coating might dull the product’s design, in reality, it does the opposite. The layer of Spot UV varnish is so clear that it does not degrade the quality of the text or image on the product in any way.

Further, Spot UV business cards price falls under $20 (for 200 pieces of business cards with a single-side coating). This price might vary depending on various factors, such as the quantity, the finishing sides, the product type, etc.