Hitherto; Sponge Iron, one of the essential raw materials to produce steel, was commonly manufactured in the country through the DRI process, which involves solid state reduction of Iron Oxides occurring in the form of Haematite Iron ore.

Sponge iron produced by this process employed a coal fired Rotary Kiln with the input charge consisting of equal quantities of iron ore and coal.

‘The present Sponge iron plants are ‘red category’ industries, which means they have very high pollution potential and can cause serious health hazards. The manufacturing process releases extreme heat and smoke containing oxides of sulphur and carbon, unburnt carbon particles and silica. The dust is a little less if plants use electrostatic precipitators (esps) — to check emissions — which most states have made mandatory, but the way they use it is questionable. Coal-char, iron dust and carbon dust collected from esps are also pollutants that need safe disposal’

A new process for producing high quality sponge iron that eliminates all the shortcomings of the present process has been developed by Shri Soumitra Mohanty of Involute Metal Powders LLP.

Involute Metals powders have been pioneer in the technology of manufacturing ferrous and non ferrous  metal powders .

The man behind this evolutionary development at Raipur, Chhattisgarh puts it aptly;

“This invention has not only brought great relief from environmental hazards, but also has been able to utilize Magnetite Iron Ores, replacing Haematite. Employing Tunnel Kilns in place of Rotary Kilns, makes the process a Static Bed DRI, a unique one in the country”.

Highlights of the process are:

  1. Utilising Magnetite Iron Ore that comprise 36 % of our country’s Iron Ore deposits and has not been able to find quantitative usages so far.
  2. Using only 20 % coal against equal proportion of iron ore and coal.
  3. Complete Smokeless Operation
  4. Eco -friendly Process
  5. Highest Degree of Iron recovery.
  6. Minimum Cost of production
  7. Minimum investments
  8. Less power requirements
  9.  Higher returns of investment of projects.

Further details including  cost/feasibility/market study & demand can be obtained from Involute Metal Powder Technologies Llp by mail at   by call on +91 9893122610/+91 9329731133/+91 9604003945.