Spell bounding people with his sheer talent, brilliance and passion is a singer and music professional, Maziar Attarian.

Having sung and released back-to-back colossal hits, Maziar Attarian has announced himself in style in the music industry. 

Nothing can beat pure talent and knowledge. When we glance several individuals, this though rise in our mind. The way they have explored in tender age is just incredible. The pro implementation of social domain, digital asset and technology has catered them a huge platform to enhance their talent in front of millions of people. Though there is cut-throat competition to establish one need an extra-ordinary talent. Meet an artist named – Maziar Attarian who has enthralled the music industry and millions of people with his music craft. The self-made man has come across a long journey of being an established artist.

Maziar was always inclined towards music from childhood. He engrosses himself in creating a music art for hours and hours. His soulful voice captivates the listeners. His recent songs like – Sarzamine Man, Corona, Jazireye Man, Shamse Sharghi, Asemane Eshgh, Toope Sefid, Panjare ha and many more. These all songs are major hit and have win the heart of millions of audiences and even industry people. The success of his songs has catered the artist his own unique place in this huge industry. His fan following on social media have increased largely after the success of his song.

Today Maziar is one the renowned music artist who have made the listeners heart smile and mind happy with his skilled music craft. His melodious voice pours bliss in the people’s life. Though his journey was not a cake walk but his passion for music over come all the obstacles. Never afraid of failure and always learn from his mistakes and experiences which made him the master of his music art. The patience he has in-built in himself to reach the desired output is setting an example for all the up-coming singers and artist of the music industry.

Much more is on the way by the young artist. Till then stay tunned with him on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/25v87j0rTScqYaN7e1FDL0?si=v83EF44zT-2wsWcKNlUq2A&nd=1