Speech Therapy for Autistic Children

Since autism is a bio-neurological disorder, it has no predefined treatment. A series of cognitive therapies are prescribed to the individuals so that they can at least cope better within the society. One of them is the speech therapy as autistic children and adults have difficulty in communication with a third-party.


Speech pathological therapy is defined as the treatment procedure that treats the disorders of speech among children and adults. The patient may have difficulty in understanding, or delivering of certain speech sounds, language etc. There are different types of speech disorder. The therapy also varies according to the affected areas of the individual.


The Speech Therapy for Children

Initially starting with the toddlers, the speech problem can continue till adulthood. It is important to recognize the particular affected area before starting with the procedure. The child should be kept unaware of this treatment, as it proves itself a better solution this way. The treatment can be carried subtly with the help of the family members with activities and exercises that is integrated to improve the quality of the verbal communication.


Speech Therapy for the Toddlers


Since it is during this time that the child learns to speak, it is challenging to identify the problem in the communication system and delivering a treatment accordingly. Following are some of the techniques that the guardians can adopt and teach the toddler.


  • Create a choice: The individuals with the language barrier often avoids to commune at all cost. A choice amongst it favorite toys force an answer and prevents adapting to the language of signs.


  • Repetition and Imitation: The superlative way that the caretakers and the family members can improve interaction is by repeating the words that she or he fails to pronounce. Breaking them up in smaller syllables or showing it by action often interests the child and thereby enables him or her to learn faster.


Speech Therapy for Juvenile Children


It’s good to clear all speech related problems before the child starts school. This would encourage his confidence and self-esteem. The following activities can be used to eliminate the speech related problems.


  • Art: Drawing may calm the child, but the child should accompany the same with a description.


  • Toys: These objects can be introduced and thereby enable the child to get more comfortable with the pronunciation of the letters.


  • Visual therapy with pictures: Images has always been found useful, as it is more appealing in appearance. The pictures can be flashed and the child may slowly master its problem.


These activities can all aid to improve the communicative ability in autistic children. The comprehension of these handicapped children is slow and they usually fail to cooperate with the therapy. This is the reason that the children should be handled with utmost care and the therapy should be interesting enough. Combining reading aloud sessions with tongue twisters and dialogs with art etc. would definitely encourage the child to speak.