Southwest rugs 8×10 the best choice for your living room

Want to choose a rug for your living room then southwest rugs 8×10 is the best choice you can ever make. It comes in different fabrics, styles, and colors. The various types of fabrics in which rugs are available are wool, cotton, silk, synthesis, natural fibers like jute, sisal, bamboo, and seagrass. The price of the rug depends on the fabric and if you want a luxurious rug then go for silk fabric.

Tips to keep in mind while buying southwest rugs 8×10?

  1. Place it right – southwest rugs 8×10 will be the best place in your living room because if you will buy too small a rug then it will not look good. You can place the rug just beneath the table, or in front of the table, or you can also place it somewhere else.
  • Know your weaves – the different weaves of the rug give different pleasure to your foot. The common weaving techniques are –
  • Hand-knotted – in this technique the weaver tie rug fibers by hand on a loom. This type of rug is a bit costly but has excellent quality.
  • Tufted – in this tops of loops of the yarn are cut to create a flat and plush surface, and then the tufted pile is attached to a latex backing. This type of rugs comes at affordable rates but they are not durable because they are prone to shedding.
  • Hooked – it follows the same process which is in tufted rugs the only difference is that yarn loops are not sheared off instead they are left intact. But these types of rugs are not shredded easily because they have nubby texture quality.
  • Machine-made – they come at affordable rates, with varieties of patterns, and with great durability. They are stain-resistant and also excellent in quality.

Things you need to do after buying southwest rugs 8×10 –

  1. Rotate it – turn your rug 180 degrees to prevent spots that occur from fading or wearing.
  2. Vacuum with care – though vacuum removes dirt and dust from the rug, if you don’t do it carefully it will also tear or loose rug fibers. You can clean your rug with a carpet sweeper gently on your own. Or if you are using a vacuum cleaner then use vacuum attachments that will clean your rug gently especially around the outer edges of the rug.
  3. Read the label – many types of rug can be washed in the machine, but there are also many which cannot be washed in the machine. So before going for cleaning your rug read the label and know which category your rug belongs to and then clean it. If you will not read the label and go for cleaning then you will end destroying it.
  4. Clean the spot in the right way – if your rug got a stain then spot cleaning is the best way to remove that stain. For spot cleaning you can blot the stain with a clean cloth on both sides of the rug, then do it in water, and do this until the stain is removed.