South Indian delicacies for the foodies!

South India is famous for some of the mouthwatering dishes. There are several interestingly yummy delicacies that make South Indian cuisine a favorite choice of the foodies. Southern India is full of flavors. Also, tons of spices are planted and manufactured in South India. Therefore, you will surely find a lot to try in the South Indian cuisines. Also, many South Indian dishes are available as quick food options or package foods. There are a lot of Dosa, Uttapam, Rice and Rava Idli exporters and manufacturers in the world that supply the best quality South Indian dishes in the packed form.

Here’re a few of the best South Indian delicacies:

  • The most favorite of everyone: Dosa

Dosa a favorite dish of many South Indian food lovers. It is one of the most common South Indian delicacy. There are different variants of Dosa that are available in the market. And, a plenty of dosa batter exporters and manufacturers make different varieties of dosas for the market as well.

  • Idli is surely the best

One of the other most favorite South Indian dishes is Idli. It is mostly consumed with along with a bowl of Sambar. Also, there are different variants of Idlis that are being made and supplied. For example, there are a plenty of Rava Idli exporters that manufacturers that deliver packed Idli batters to the customers. Although, in some households, Idlis are made using rice and Semolina as well. And, sometimes, people prefer to make healthy Idlis using Oats etc. even you can different types of Idlis, like Idlis with curry leaves, Idlis with vegetables in it etc. You can munch Idlis throughout the day, at any time, in the morning, during lunch or at night.

  • Uttapam is a top choice of many

Apart from Dosa and Idli, people prefer to eat Uttapams as well. It is one of the other most commonly made and enjoyed South Indian food item in the world. It can be made at home, using the batter that is used for Dosa as well. Or, you can cook it with the Semolina and Rice better too. Generally, vegetables like onions and tomatoes are added in Uttapam to make it healthier and tastier. The dish is enjoyed either with a bowl of Sambar or with a spoon of Chutney.

Listed above are a few of the top South Indian dishes which are preferred by the foodies across the world. Although most of the South Indian dishes are available easily in the market. But, there are some batters available in the market, which can be used to make the South Indian dishes. Although, most of the South Indian dishes are enjoyed along with Sambar or Chutney. You can even make tasty Rasam to enjoy along with your South Indian dishes. However, it is important to make sure that you choose one of the best Rava Idli exporters or manufacturers in the country to enjoy the best food!